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Aug-2016Closed-loop feedback control of smart wells for production optimisation using self-potential measurementsJackson, Matthew; Ijioma, Amadi; Petroleum Technology Development Fund (Nigeria)
12-Mar-2008Coarse graining equations for flow in porous media: a HaarWavelets and renormalization approachKing, Peter; Christensen, Kim; Pancaldi, Vera
Aug-2015Combined facies analysis and quantitative characterisation of fluvial stratigraphic architecture at outcrop and in subsurface well dataHampson, Gary; Flood, Yvette; Imperial College London
Oct-2017Computational and numerical aspects of full waveform seismic inversionWarner, Michael; Burgess, Timothy James; Downunder Geosolutions (Firm); FULLWAVE research consortium
Apr-2014Computational methods for geochemical modelling: applications to carbon dioxide sequestrationBlunt, Martin; Moreira Mulin Leal, Allan; Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre
2008Controlled Low-Strength Materials Containing Solid Waste from Minerals BioleachingDudeney, Bill; Cheeseman, Chris; Bouzalakos, Steve; European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development
May-2017Controls on the distribution of molybdenum and other critical trace elements at the Bingham Canyon porphyry deposit, UtahWilkinson, Jamie J.; Kocher, Simon; Rio Tinto (Group); Imperial College London
Oct-2013Controls on the flow regime and thermal structure of the subduction zone mantle wedge: a systematic 2-D and 3-D investigationDavies, Rhodri; Goes, Saskia; Piggott, Matthew; Le Voci, Giuseppe; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Aug-2015Cosmochemistry of iron meteorites; trace element composition of metal and sulfide phasesGenge, Matthew; Rehkamper, Mark; Bland, Phil; Leclerc, Marlene
May-2011Coupled deformation, fluid flow and fracture propagation in porous mediaGorman, Gerard; Blunt, Martin; Lamb, Anthony Raphael; Geoscience Research Centre
Dec-2010Coupled Neutronic Thermal Fluid Dynamic Modelling of a Very High Temperature ReactorPain, Christopher; Goddard, Tony; Tollit, Brendan S.
Sep-2015Deciphering glacial-interglacial Southern Ocean dynamics with deep-sea coralsvan de Flierdt, Tina; Struve, Torben
Apr-2015Decision making and efficient surrogate-assisted optimisation techniques under uncertainty: application to CO2 sequestrationBlunt, Martin; King, Peter; Petvipusit, Rachares; Imperial College London
Jul-2013Decision making and uncertainty quantification for surfactant-polymer floodingKing, Peter; Alkhatib, Ali
May-2016Depositional architecture and facies variability in anhydrite and polyhalite sequences: a multi-scale study of the Jurassic (Weald Basin, Brightling Mine) and Permian (Zechstein Basin, Boulby Mine) of the UKJohn, Cedric; Abbott, Sunshine; Imperial College London
Oct-2013Depositional architecture and processes of sediment gravity flows: a 3D seismic case study from offshore AngolaJackson, Christopher; Hampson, Gary; Olafiranye, Kehinde; Nigeria. Ministry of Petroleum Resources
2010Detecting life on Mars through the study of organic host Mars analogues and Urey instrument developmentSephton, Mark; Marlow, Jeffrey; Marshall Scholarship Programme ; Science and Technology Facilities Council
Jul-2017Developing magnetite chemistry as an exploration tool for porphyry copper depositsWilkinson, Jamie; Sievwright, Robert Hume; Imperial College London; Rio Tinto Exploration
Apr-2017Development and implementation of inelastic material models for use in FEMDEM numerical methods with applicationsLatham, John-Paul; Izzuddin, Bassam; Xiang, Jiansheng; Karantzoulis, Nikolaos; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
2013The Development of a Nodal Method for the Analysis of PWR Cores with Advanced FuelsPain, Christopher; Eaton, Matthew; Hall, Sheldon; EDF Energy (Firm) ; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 41 to 60 of 325