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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Assessing disease activity in multiple sclerosis: biomarkers and clinical measuresNicholas, Richard; Reynolds, Richard; Raffel, Joel Benjamin
2008Cardiovascular autonomic responses in pre- and post-ganglionic models of chronic autonomic failureMathias, Christopher; Young, Tim;
2010Characterisation of novel gene mutations causing familiar amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDe Belleroche, Jackie; Chen, Han-Jou
2009Characterisation of T cell surface phenotype and effector function in a surrogate model of rheumatoid arthritisBrennan, Fionula; Wait, Robin; Smith, Nicola Marianne Godwin
Jul-2021Clinical features, biomechanics and advanced biomarkers across the spectrum of traumatic brain injury.Sharp, David; Zimmerman, Karl Augustinus;
Jul-2019A clinico-pathological investigation of the human basal ganglia and brainstem in clinical subtypes of Parkinson’s diseaseGentleman, Steve; Pearce, Ronald; Tilley, Bension Shlomo;
Apr-2022Continual machine learning for non-stationary data analysisBarnaghi, Payam; Sharp, David; Li, Honglin
Jul-2021The development, assessment and treatment of behaviour problems in young children: integrating children’s own perspectivesRamchandani, Paul; O'Farrelly, Christine; Barker, Bethany;
Jun-2023Evaluating disorders of cognition using integrative genomicsJohnson, Michael; Feleke, Rahel
Jul-2020Examining targeted brain stimulation to improve vigilant attention in right-hemispheric strokeMalhotra, Paresh; Soto, David; Olgiati, Elena;
Dec-2020Exploring aspects of memory in healthy ageing and following strokeMalhotra, Paresh; Russell, Charlotte; Kapsetaki, Marianna Evangelia; , et al
Jun-2021Exploring memory impairment and post-traumatic amnesia following traumatic brain injurySharp, David; Mallas, Emma-Jane
Sep-2021The flexibly ordered brainHampshire, Adam; Leech, Robert; Hellyer, Peter; Daws, Richard;
Dec-2021Identifying novel therapeutic strategies for brain metastatic and mucosal melanomaSyed, Nelofer; O'Neill, Kevin; Atkinson, Aithne Helen Claire
Aug-2022Immunoproteasomes in microglial activation and inflammationYe, Yu; Thomas, David; Pulgar Prieto, Katiuska Daniela;
Mar-2013In vivo assessment of amyloid deposition, neuroinflammation, and metabolic changes in neurodegenerations of different originBrooks, David; Ramlackhansingh, Anil;
Apr-2021Investigating neurodegeneration after traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal study of axonal injurySharp, David; Graham, Neil;
Sep-2020A molecular characterization of meningeal inflammation in progressive MS brainReynolds, Richard; Fuentes Font, Laura;
Apr-2021Multimodal neuroimaging of vestibular and postural networks: Investigating the pathophysiology of idiopathic dizziness in older adultsBronstein, Adolfo; Sharp, David; Kaski, Diego; Ibitoye, Richard;
Dec-2019Neuroinflammation causes changes to the nodes of Ranvier in Multiple Sclerosis normal-appearing white matter.Reynolds, Richard; Faisal, Aldo; Alavian, Kambiz; Gallego, Patricia;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 31