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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2008Analysis of RNA-Protein interactions involved in calicivirus translation and replicationGoodfellow, Ian; Karakasiliotis, Ioannis
Dec-2021Antigenic profiling and target specific isolation of mAb against viral spike protein of emerging diseasesXu, Xiao-Ning; Zhang, Xiaodong; Gao, Qiao;
2012Biochemical and Functional Characterization of Golgi Anti- Apoptotic Proteins (GAAP)Smith, Geoffrey; Johnson, Benjamin; Saraiva, Nuno Ricardo de Almeida;
2009Biostatistical Analysis of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Programme on Schistosoma Prevalence, Intensity and Associated MorbidityDonnelly, Christl; Webster, Joanne; Koukounari, Artemis
Nov-2021CCR5 gene knock-out mediated TALEN technique and its effects against HIV infection on lymphocytes and macrophagesXu, Xiao-Ning; Liu, Sai;
Oct-2008Characterisation of the interaction between Neisseria meningitidis and human polymorphonuclear leukocytesTang, Christoph; Corbett, Anne
2008Characterisation of the Vaccinia Virus Protein, C16, and its Role in InfectionSmith, Geoffrey; Fahy, Aodhnait Sile
Mar-2020Characterization of T cell responses to EBV-associated gastric carcinoma using a single TCR cloning platformXu, Xiao-Ning; Mongkolsapaya, Juthathip; Khan, Nadia;
Dec-2019Chimeric antigen receptor for treatment of T-cell malignancies and HIV-1 cureXu, Xiao-Ning; Ma, Weiwei;
Jul-2021Clinical risk prediction of progression to severe dengue illness during the febrile phase in primary healthcare settingsHolmes, Alison; Sangkaew, Sorawat;
Mar-2022Colistin: understanding the mechanism of action and the causes of treatment failureEdwards, Andrew; Sabnis, Akshay;
Aug-2019Community-wide infection with soil-transmitted helminths in the delta region of Myanmar after long-term mass drug administrationAnderson, Roy; Churcher, Thomas; Dunn, Julia;
Jan-2023Deep mutational scanning to understand the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 spike.Barclay, Wendy; Kugathasan, Ruthiran;
Jan-2019Defining the impact of Ibrutinib therapy and CFTR dysfunction on macrophage function in the innate immune response to Aspergillus fumigatusArmstrong-James, Darius; Bercusson, Amelia;
Sep-2020Developing an in vitro model for investigating the effects of the HSV-1 latency-associated ncRNAs in human neuronsO'Hare, Peter; Jacobs, Amy Isabella;
Jan-2023Developing communities of commensal bacteria to enhance immune defences to infectionClarke, Thomas; Edwards, Andrew; Larkinson, Max Louis Yeung; , et al
Oct-2009The development and use of bioinformatic web applications for infectious disease microbiologyStumpf, Michael; Spratt, Brian; Aanensen, David Michael
Sep-2011Early events in Aspergillus fumigatus infection: A chronicle of host-pathogen interactionsBoyton, Rosemary; Bignell, Elaine; Altmann, Danny; Cairns, Timothy Charles
2011Effects of metapopulation structure and recombination on bacterial populationsHanage, Bill; Spratt, Brian; Fraser, Christophe; Connor, Thomas Richard;
Jul-2019Elucidation and derivatisation of bisindole biosynthesis pathwaysFreemont, Paul; Polizzi, Karen; Lai, Hung En;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 103