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1-Jan-2002Adaptive step-size blind multi-user detectors for DS-CDMA systems under deterministically and Markovian time-varying multipath environmentsArasaratnam, P; Zhu, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Feb-1998Adaptive temporal decimation algorithm with dynamic time windowKwok, SH; Siu, WC; Constantinides, AG
1-Apr-2000Adaptive weighted least squares algorithm for Volterra signal modelingChan, SCK; Stathaki, T; Constantinides, AG
1-Apr-2007An algebraic approach to the estimation of the order of FIR filters from complete and partial magnitude and phase specificationsConstantinides, AG; Li, WM
1-Sep-2000Algorithms for max and min filters with improved worst-case performanceBrookes, M
1-Jan-2000Antenna array manifold: A simplified representationSleiman, A; Manikas, A
7-Nov-1996Beamforming-type base station power control for personal communication networksKaraminas, PD; Manikas, A
1-Nov-2003Blind reception of multicarrier DS-CDMA using antenna arraysSadler, DJ; Manikas, A
1-Aug-1998Cascaded power symmetric IIR filter banks and continuity constrained adaptive algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation in subbandsTanrikulu, O; Constantinides, AG
1-Jan-2004Crossed-dipole arrays for asynchronous DS-CDMA systemsManikas, A; Ng, JWP
1-Jan-2006Digital filter design using root moments for sum-of-all-pass structures from complete and partial specificationsConstantinides, AG; Li, WM
1-Jan-1997A digital signal processing perspective on a stability test of linear system transfer functionsStathaki, T; Constantinides, AG
1-Jan-2007Distributed cooperative data transfer for UWB adhoc networkZhu, SH; Leung, KK; Constantinides, AG
1-Jun-2004An efficient recursive shortest spanning tree algorithm using linking propertiesKwok, SH; Constantinides, AG; Siu, WC
1-Aug-2005Estimation of direction of arrival using information theoryTalantzis, F; Constantinides, AG; Polymenakos, LC
Jan-2007Estimation of glottal closure instants in voiced speech using the DYPSA algorithmNaylor, PA; Kounoudes, A; Gudnason, J; Brookes, M
1-Jan-2002Fast convergent multiuser constant modulus algorithm for use in multiuser DS-CDMA environmentArasaratnam, P; Zhu, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Feb-1997A fast recursive shortest spanning tree for image segmentation and edge detection.Kwok, SH; Constantinides, AG
1-Oct-2006Generalized optimal step-size for blind multichannel LMS system identificationGaubitch, ND; Hasan, MK; Naylor, PA
1-Jul-1998An H-infinity approach to mitigate the effects of array uncertainties on the MuSIC algorithmRatnarajah, T; Manikas, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 57