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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2016A case study of Japanese language teaching in a multicultural learning environmentWinch, J
15-Aug-2015A comparative study of Anglophone and Japanese language teaching approaches to multicultural studentsWinch, J
30-Sep-2016A randomised controlled trial of three very brief interventions for physical activity in primary carePears, S; Bijker, M; Morton, K; Vasconcelos, J; Parker, RA, et al
2-Mar-2015A standardised, holistic framework for concept-map analysis combining topological attributes and global morphologiesBuhmann, SY; Kingsbury, M
18-May-2016A systematic review of low-cost laparoscopic simulatorsLi, MM; George, J
29-Aug-2017All (4,0): Sigma models with (4,0) off-shell supersymmetryHull, C; Lindstrom, U
4-Oct-2011"Can It Read My Mind?" - What Do The Public And Experts Think Of The Current (Mis)Uses, Of Neuroimaging?Wardlaw, JM; O'Connell, G; Shuler, K; De Wilde, JP; Haley, J, et al
2-Sep-2016Circadian clocks and breast cancerBlakeman, V; Williams, JL; Meng, Q-J; Streuli, CH
7-Aug-2013Clinical and imaging services for TIA and minor stroke: results of two surveys of practice across the UKBrazzelli, M; Shuler, K; Quayyum, Z; Hadley, D; Muir, K, et al
11-May-2017Comparison of upwards splaying and upwards merging in segmented normal growth faultsFreitage, UA; Sanderson, DJ; Lonergan, L; Bevan, TG
23-Feb-2016Correlations between jets and charged particles in PbPb and pp collisions at root s(NN)=2.76 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E, et al
1-Sep-2015Cultural influences in a multicultural academic workplaceWinch, J
17-Mar-2016Does the Students' Preferred Pedagogy Relate to Their Ethnicity?: UK and Asian Experience’Winch, J
27-Jun-2016Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a very brief physical activity intervention delivered in NHS Health Checks (VBI Trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trialMitchell, J; Hardeman, W; Pears, S; Vasconcelos, JC; Prevost, AT, et al
29-Feb-2016Electronic imaging in colonoscopy: clinical applications and future prospectsRameshshanker, R; Wilson, A
27-Jul-2016Ferumoxytol-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging methodology and normal values at 1.5 and 3TStirrat, CG; Alam, SR; MacGillivray, TJ; Gray, CD; Forsythe, R, et al
6-Apr-2017M1-like monocytes are a major immunological determinant of severity in previously healthy adults with life-threatening influenzaCole, SL; Dunning, J; Kok, WL; Benam, KH; Benlahrech, A, et al
7-Apr-2014Oscillatory behavior of two nonlinear microbial models of soil carbon decompositionWang, YP; Chen, BC; Wieder, WR; Leite, M; Medlyn, BE, et al
12-Apr-2016Recurrent Delocalization and Quasiequilibration of Photons in Coupled Systems in Circuit Quantum ElectrodynamicsHwang, M-J; Kim, MS; Choi, M-S
1-Feb-2016Risk Mitigation for ITER by a Prolonged and Joint International Operation of JETDonne, AJH; Cowley, S; Jones, T; Litaudon, X
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 28
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