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7-Oct-2014A biomarker panel (Bioscore) incorporating monocytic surface and soluble TREM-1 has high discriminative value for ventilator-associated pneumonia: a prospective observational studyGrover, V; Pantelidis, P; Soni, N; Takata, M; Shah, PL, et al
27-Jul-2018A cancer-associated Epstein-Barr virus BZLF1 promoter variant enhances lytic infectionBristol, J; Djavadian, R; Albright, E; Coleman, C; Ohashi, M, et al
5-Oct-2017A Cell-Free Biosensor for Detecting Quorum Sensing Molecules in P. aeruginosa-Infected Respiratory Samples.Wen, KY; Cameron, L; Chappell, J; Jensen, K; Bell, DJ, et al
1-Feb-2015A certified plasmid reference material for the standardisation of BCR-ABL1 mRNA quantification by real-time quantitative PCRWhite, H; Deprez, L; Corbisier, P; Hall, V; Lin, F, et al
7-Feb-2016A Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation of the First Reported Human Infection With the Zoonotic Parasite Trypanosoma evansi in Southeast AsiaNguyen, VVC; Le, BC; Desquesnes, M; Herder, S; Nguyen, PHL, et al
13-Apr-2016A clinical approach to managing Pseudomonas aeruginosa infectionsMoore, LSP; Cunningham, J; Donaldson, H
1-Oct-2013A common biological basis of obesity and nicotine addictionThorgeirsson, TE; Gudbjartsson, DF; Sulem, P; Besenbacher, S; Styrkarsdottir, U, et al
29-Nov-2017A common mechanism by which type 2A von Willebrand Disease mutations enhance ADAMTS13 proteolysis revealed with a von Willebrand Factor A2 domain FRET constructLane, DA; Lynch, CJ; Millar, C; Rueda, D; Cawte, A
5-Aug-2016A compararison of magnetization transfer methods to assess brain and cervical cord microstructure in multiple sclerosisLema, A; Bishop, C; Malik, O; Mattoscio, M; Ali, R, et al
22-Feb-2017A comparative phase I study of combination, homologous subtype-C DNA, MVA, and Env gp140 protein/adjuvant HIV vaccines in two immunization regimesJoseph, S; Quinn, K; Greenwood, A; Cope, A; McKay, P, et al
5-May-2016A comparative structure/function analysis of two type IV pilin DNA receptors defines a novel mode of DNA-bindingBerry, J; Xu, Y; Ward, PN; Lea, SM; Matthews, SJ, et al
17-May-2017A comparison of neuroimaging abnormalities in multiple sclerosis, major depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis): is there a common cause?Morris, G; Berk, M; Puri, BK
19-Jun-2015A Comparison of Red Fluorescent Proteins to Model DNA Vaccine Expression by Whole Animal In Vivo ImagingKinnear, E; Caproni, LJ; Tregoning, JS
8-Mar-2016A comparison of two post-processing analysis methods to quantify cerebral metabolites measured via proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in HIV disease.Scott, J; Underwood, J; Garvey, LJ; Mora-Peris, B; Winston, A
15-Dec-2015A Compartmentalized Profibrotic Immune Response Characterizes Pericardial Tuberculosis, Irrespective of HIV-1 InfectionMatthews, K; Deffur, A; Ntsekhe, M; Syed, F; Russell, JBW, et al
8-Feb-2017A complicated multisystem flare of systemic lupus erythematosus during pregnancy.Webster, P; Nelson-Piercy, C; Lightstone, L
9-Jun-2016A comprehensive next generation sequencing test for the diagnosis of inherited bleeding, thrombotic and platelet disordersSimoni, I; Sivapalaratnam, S; Greene, D; Laffan, M; Mumford, A, et al
11-Jul-2016A computational strategy for the search of regulatory small RNAs in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniaeRossi, CC; Bosse, JT; Li, Y; Witney, AA; Gould, KA, et al
10-Aug-2015A conserved interaction between a C-terminal motif in Norovirus VPg and the HEAT-1 domain of eIF4G is essential for translation initiationCurry, S; Leen, EN; Sorgeloos, F; Correia, S; Chaudhry, Y, et al
30-Apr-2015A Controlled Study of Tuberculosis Diagnosis in HIV-Infected and Uninfected Children in PeruOberhelman, RA; Soto-Castellares, G; Gilman, RH; Castillo, ME; Kolevic, L, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 4789
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