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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Sep-2015Dynamics of immunoglobulin sequence diversity in HIV-1 infected individuals.Hoehn, KB; Gall, A; Bashford-Rogers, R; Fidler, SJ; Kaye, S, et al
1-May-2015Genome Diversity of Epstein-Barr Virus from Multiple Tumor Types and Normal InfectionPalser, AL; Grayson, NE; White, RE; Corton, C; Correia, S, et al
23-May-2016Epstein-Barr virus nuclear protein EBNA3C directly induces expression of AID and somatic mutations in B cellsKalchschmidt, JS; Bashford-Rogers, R; Paschos, K; Gillman, AC; Styles, CT, et al
26-Apr-2012IFITM3 restricts the morbidity and mortality associated with influenzaEveritt, AR; Clare, S; Pertel, T; John, SP; Wash, RS, et al
1-Jan-2008Gene3D: comprehensive structural and functional annotation of genomes.Yeats, C; Lees, J; Reid, A; Kellam, P; Martin, N, et al
15-Apr-2010The RING-CH ligase K5 antagonizes restriction of KSHV and HIV-1 particle release by mediating ubiquitin-dependent endosomal degradation of tetherin.Pardieu, C; Vigan, R; Wilson, SJ; Calvi, A; Zang, T, et al
6-Feb-2009Identification of genes differentially expressed as result of adenovirus type 5- and adenovirus type 12-transformation.Strath, J; Georgopoulos, LJ; Kellam, P; Blair, GE
25-Feb-2011Analysis of XMRV integration sites from human prostate cancer tissues suggests PCR contamination rather than genuine human infection.Garson, JA; Kellam, P; Towers, GJ
11-Aug-2009Infectious causes of cancer and their detection.Dalton-Griffin, L; Kellam, P
1-Nov-2004Consensus clustering and functional interpretation of gene-expression data.Swift, S; Tucker, A; Vinciotti, V; Martin, N; Orengo, C, et al