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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2008An increase in kisspeptin-54 release occurs with the pubertal increase in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-1 release in the stalk-median eminence of female rhesus monkeys in vivoKeen, KL; Wegner, FH; Bloom, SR; Ghatei, MA; Terasawa, E
1-Apr-2008Elevated cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript immunoreactivity in the circulation of patients with neuroendocrine malignancyBech, P; Winstanley, V; Murphy, KG; Sam, AH; Meeran, K, et al
1-Apr-2009Investigation of Structure-Activity Relationships of Oxyntomodulin (Oxm) Using Oxm AnalogsDruce, MR; Minnion, JS; Field, BCT; Patel, SR; Shillito, JC, et al
2-Nov-2015Investigating the glucagon receptor and GLP-1 receptor activity of Oxyntomodulin-like analogues in male Wistar ratsPrice, S; Minnion, J; Bloom, SR
9-Jan-2015Comparison of the Utility of Cocaine- and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (CART), Chromogranin A, and Chromogranin B in Neuroendocrine Tumor Diagnosis and Assessment of Disease ProgressionRamachandran, R; Bech, P; Murphy, KG; Caplin, ME; Patel, M, et al
11-Aug-2015Arcuate nucleus glucokinase and dietary glucose intakeMa, Y; Bloom, SR; Gardiner, JV
1-Apr-2013Coadministration of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 During Glucagon Infusion in Humans Results in Increased Energy Expenditure and Amelioration of HyperglycemiaTan, TM; Field, BCT; McCullough, KA; Troke, RC; Chambers, ES, et al
1-Mar-2015Changes in gut hormones and leptin in military personnel during operational deployment in Afghanistan.Hill, NE; Fallowfield, JL; Delves, SK; Ardley, C; Stacey, M, et al
15-Apr-2015Relative importance of the arcuate and anteroventral periventricular kisspeptin neurons in control of puberty and reproductive function in female ratsHu, MH; Li, XF; McCausland, B; Li, SY; Gresham, R, et al
1-May-2014Leptin fails to blunt the lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenal axis in ratsBasharat, S; Parker, JA; Murphy, KG; Bloom, SR; Buckingham, JC, et al