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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016The effect of early enteral feed exposures on severe necrotising enterocolitis in very preterm infants: a propensity score matched studyBattersby, C; Longford, N; Costeloe, K; Modi, N; National Institute for Health Research
7-Mar-2018Surgical revision of candy cane after Roux-en-Y gastric bypassKamocka, A; McGlone, ER; Perez-Pevida, B; Purkayastha, S; Moorthy, K, et al
20-May-2016Spatially resolved profiling of colorectal cancer lipid biochemistry via DESI imaging mass spectrometry to reveal morphology-dependent alterations in fatty acid metabolismMirnezami, R; Veselkov, K; Strittmatter, N; Goldin, RD; Kinross, JM, et al
1-Jun-2015Kisspeptin-54 safely and effectively triggers oocyte maturation in women at high risk of the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)Abbara, A; Jayasena, CN; Christopoulos, G; Narayanaswamy, S; Izzi-Engbeaya, C, et al
6-Nov-2016Application of novel outcome evaluation criteria to UK social marketing campaigns focused on infectionsCastro Sanchez, EM; Iwami, M; Ahmad, R; Holmes, A; National Institute for Health Research, et al
28-Apr-2015Ebola information for the public: an assessment of suitability and readability of information available through US, UK, Canadian and European public health agenciesCastro Sanchez, EM; Spanoudakis, E; Holmes, A; National Institute for Health Research; National Institute for Health Research
1-Sep-2016Improved cerebral blood flow after natalizumab treatment in multiple sclerosisRecord, C; De Simoni, S; Feeney, C; Sharp, D; Nicholas, R, et al
2-Feb-2016Chemical cross talk studies on a microprobe array based continuous glucose monitoring sensorSharma, S; El-Laboudi, A; Oliver, N; Johnston, DJ; Cass, AEG, et al
31-Mar-2016Mesenchymal stromal stem cell (MSC) immunotherapy for experimental septic shock: systematic review and meta-analysis with trial sequential analysis of mortalityPatel, A; Jhanji, S; Pavlu, J; Laffan, M; Ethell, M, et al
26-Feb-2015Comparative effectiveness and safety of image guidance systems in surgery: a preclinical randomised study.Marcus, HJ; Pratt, P; Hughes-Hallett, A; Cundy, TP; Marcus, AP, et al