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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2017The effect of adding a mobile health intervention to a multimodal antimicrobial stewardship programme across three teaching hospitals – an interrupted time series studyCharani, E; Gharbi, M; Moore, LSP; Castro Sanchez, E; Lawson, W, et al
5-Oct-2017Emergence and clonal spread of colistin resistance due to multiple mutational mechanisms in carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in LondonOtter, JA; Doumith, M; Davies, F; Mookerjee, S; Dyakova, E, et al
23-Aug-2017Combination therapy for carbapenemase-producing Entero-bacteriaceae: INCREMENT-al effect on resistance remains unclearBoyd, S; Moore, LSP; Rawson, TM; Hope, WH; Holmes, AH, et al
23-Aug-2017Addressing the unknowns of antimicrobial resistance: quantifying and mapping the drivers of burdenKnight, GM; Costelloe, C; Murray, KA; Robotham, JV; Atun, R, et al
23-Oct-2015Antimicrobial stewardship: are we failing in cross-specialty clinical engagement?Rawson, TM; Moore, LSP; Gilchrist, MJ; Holmes, AH; National Institute for Health Research, et al
1-Mar-2014Making sense of evidence in management decisions: the role of research-based knowledge on innovation adoption and implementation in health care.Kyratsis, Y; Ahmad, R; Hatzaras, K; Iwami, M; Holmes, AH, et al
-Blogging in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology: Assessment of the 'blogosphere' contentBirgand, GJC; Troughton, R; Moore, L; Charani, E; Rawson, TM, et al
18-Nov-2015Understanding the mechanisms and drivers of antimicrobial resistanceHolmes, AH; Moore, LSP; Sundsfjord, A; Steinbakk, M; Regmi, S, et al
1-Aug-2018Enhancing antimicrobial surveillance: an automated, dynamic and interactive approachHernandez, B; Herrero, P; Rawson, TM; Moore, LSP; Toumazou, C, et al
26-Apr-2019Development of a minimally invasive microneedle-based sensor for continuous monitoring of β-lactam antibiotic concentrations in vivoGowers, SAN; Freeman, DME; Rawson, TM; Rogers, ML; Wilson, RC, et al