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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2016Epigenome-wide association study of body mass index, and the adverse outcomes of adiposityWahl, S; Drong, A; Lehne, B; Loh, M; Scott, WR, et al
1-Mar-2017BKV-specific T cells in the treatment of severe refractory haemorrhagic cystitis after HLA-haploidentical haematopoietic cell transplantationPello, OM; Innes, AJ; Bradshaw, A; Finn, S-A; Uddin, S, et al
14-Feb-2017Lineage-specific genes are prominent DNA damage hotspots during leukemic transformation of B-cell precursorsBoulianne, B; Robinson, ME; May, PC; Castellano, L; Blighe, K, et al
15-Dec-2015A donor-specific epigenetic classifier for acute graft-versus-host disease severity in hematopoietic stem cellPaul, DS; Jones, A; Sellar, RS; Mayor, NP; Feber, A, et al
26-Jun-2017Analysis of hematopoietic recovery after autologous transplantation as method of quality control for long-term progenitor cell cryopreservation.Pavlu, J; Auner, H; Szydlo, RM; Sevillano, B; Palani, R, et al
12-May-2016Setting Global Standards for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation: TheĀ 2016 ISSCR Guidelines.Daley, GQ; Hyun, I; Apperley, JF; Barker, RA; Benvenisty, N, et al
1-May-2016Chronic myeloid leukemia: reminiscences and dreams.Mughal, TI; Radich, JP; Deininger, MW; Apperley, JF; Hughes, TP, et al
17-Sep-2013Combined Inhibition of p97 and the Proteasome Causes Lethal Disruption of the Secretory Apparatus in Multiple Myeloma CellsAuner, HW; Moody, AM; Ward, TH; Kraus, M; Milan, E, et al
25-Jul-2016Matched unrelated donor transplants-State of the art in the 21st centuryAltaf, SY; Apperley, JF; Olavarria, E; National Institute for Health Research
7-Apr-2017Overall survival with ponatinib versus allogeneic stem cell transplantation in Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemias with the T315I mutation.Nicolini, FE; Basak, GW; Kim, DW; Olavarria, E; Pinilla-Ibarz, J, et al