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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Apr-2017Factor V anticoagulant cofactor activity that targets the early phase of coagulationSantamaria, S; RegliƄska-Matveyev, N; Gierula, M; Camire, RM; Crawley, JTB, et al
2-Dec-2017ADAMTS13 and von Willebrand factor: a Dynamic DuoSouth, K; Lane, DA; British Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
15-Aug-2017miR-542 promotes mitochondrial dysfunction and SMAD activity and is raised in ICU Acquired WeaknessFarre garros; Paul, R; Connolly, M; Lewis, A; Natanek, SA, et al
1-May-2017Machine learning of three-dimensional right ventricular motion enables outcome prediction in pulmonary hypertension: a cardiac MR imaging studyDawes, T; Simoes monteiro de marvao, A; Shi, W; Fletcher, T; Watson, G, et al
13-Oct-2017New blood pressure associated loci identified in meta-analyses of 475,000 individualsKraja, AT; Evangelou, E; Tzoulaki, I; Zhang, W; Gao, H, et al
19-May-2017Pulmonary arterial hypertension - progress in understanding the disease and prioritizing strategies for drug developmentGhataorhe, P; Rhodes, CJ; Harbaum, L; Attard, M; Wharton, J, et al
16-Mar-2017Effects of dyslipidaemia on monocyte production and function in cardiovascular disease.Rahman, MS; Murphy, AJ; Woollard, KJ; British Heart Foundation
16-Feb-2017A model for the conformational activation of the structurally quiescent metalloprotease ADAMTS13 by Von Willebrand factorSouth, K; Freitas, MO; Lane, DA; British Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
14-Jun-2017Plasma proteome analysis in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: an observational cohort study.Rhodes, CJ; Wharton, J; Ghataorhe, P; Watson, G; Girerd, B, et al
15-Sep-2017Optogenetic targeting of cardiac myocytes and non-myocytes: tools, challenges and utilityJohnston, CM; Rog-Zielinska, EA; Wulfers, EM; Houwaart, T; Siedlecka, U, et al