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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2019CtIP forms a tetrameric dumbbell-shaped particle which bridges complex DNA end structures for double-strand break repairWilkinson, OJ; Martín-González, A; Kang, H; Northall, SJ; Wigley, DB, et al
16-Mar-2014Structural basis for translocation by AddAB helicase–nuclease and its arrest at χ sitesKrajewski, WW; Fu, X; Wilkinson, M; Cronin, NB; Dillingham, MS, et al
4-Feb-2017The structure and function of an RNA polymerase interaction domain in the PcrA/UvrD helicaseSanders, K; Lin, C-L; Smith, AJ; Cronin, N; Fisher, G, et al