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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2011Mixed-Affinity Binding in Humans with 18-kDa Translocator Protein LigandsOwen, DRJ; Gunn, RN; Rabiner, EA; Bennacef, I; Fujita, M, et al
1-Aug-2011Pharmacological differentiation of opioid receptor antagonists by molecular and functional imaging of target occupancy and food reward-related brain activation in humansRabiner, EA; Beaver, J; Makwana, A; Searle, G; Long, C, et al
6-Dec-2011Cortical activation changes underlying stimulation-induced behavioural gains in chronic strokeStagg, CJ; Bachtiar, V; O'Shea, J; Allman, C; Bosnell, RA, et al
24-Feb-2011A knowledge-driven interaction analysis reveals potential neurodegenerative mechanism of multiple sclerosis susceptibilityBush, WS; McCauley, JL; DeJager, PL; Dudek, SM; Hafler, DA, et al
18-Jan-2011Modeling the cumulative genetic risk for multiple sclerosis from genome-wide association dataWang, JH; Pappas, D; De Jager, PL; Pelletier, D; De Bakker, PIW, et al