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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2017Effect of HIV on the frequency and number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific CD4+ T cells in blood and the airways in latent tuberculosis infectionBunjun, R; Riou, C; Soares, AP; Thawer, N; Müller, TL, et al
10-May-2017A Rab20-Dependent Membrane Trafficking Pathway Controls M. tuberculosis Replication by Regulating Phagosome Spaciousness and IntegritySchnettger, L; Rodgers, A; Repnik, U; Lai, RP; Pei, G, et al
13-Oct-2017Neutrophil activation and enhanced release of granule products in HIV-TB immune reconstitution inflammatory syndromeNakiwala, JK; Walker, NF; Diedrich, CR; Meintjes, G; Wilkinson, RJ, et al
31-Mar-2017The CSF immune response in HIV-1-associated cryptococcal meningitis: macrophage activation, correlates of disease severity, and effect of antiretroviral therapyScriven, JE; Graham, LM; Schutz, C; Scriba, TJ; Wilkinson, KA, et al
17-Nov-2017Aiming at the Global Elimination of Viral Hepatitis: Challenges along the Care ContinuumHeffernan, A; Barber, E; Cook, NA; Gomaa, AI; Harley, YX, et al
6-Nov-2017Using biomarkers to predict TB treatment duration (Predict TB): a prospective, randomized, noninferiority, treatment shortening clinical trialChen, RY; Via, LE; Dodd, LE; Walzl, G; Malherbe, ST, et al
3-Nov-2017Effect of prednisolone on inflammatory markers in pericardial tuberculosis: A pilot studyShenje, J; Lai, RP; Ross, IL; Mayosi, BM; Wilkinson, RJ, et al
16-Feb-2017Concentration-dependent antagonism and culture conversion in pulmonary tuberculosisRockwood, N; Pasipanodya, J; Denti, P; Sirgel, F; Lesosky, M, et al
1-May-2017Minimizing Tuberculosis Risk in Patients Receiving Anti-TNF Therapy.Esmail, H; Wilkinson, RJ;
24-Mar-2017Mortality in severe HIV-TB associates with innate immune activation and dysfunction of monocytesJanssen, S; Schutz, C; Ward, A; Nemes, E; Wilkinson, KA, et al