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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Apr-2012IFITM3 restricts the morbidity and mortality associated with influenzaEveritt, AR; Clare, S; Pertel, T; John, SP; Wash, RS, et al
31-May-2012Evolution of an Eurasian avian-like influenza virus in naïve and vaccinated pigs.Murcia, PR; Hughes, J; Battista, P; Lloyd, L; Baillie, GJ, et al
23-Mar-2012Analysis of high-depth sequence data for studying viral diversity: a comparison of next generation sequencing platforms using Segminator II.Archer, J; Baillie, G; Watson, SJ; Kellam, P; Rambaut, A, et al
1-Nov-2012Estimating reassortment rates in co-circulating Eurasian swine influenza virusesLycett, SJ; Baillie, G; Coulter, E; Bhatt, S; Kellam, P, et al
1-Oct-2012Permissive and restricted virus infection of murine embryonic stem cells.Wash, R; Calabressi, S; Franz, S; Griffiths, SJ; Goulding, D, et al
26-Jul-2012Global conformational dynamics of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase bound to non-nucleoside inhibitorsWright, DW; Hall, BA; Kellam, P; Coveney, PV