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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Sep-2015Dynamics of immunoglobulin sequence diversity in HIV-1 infected individuals.Hoehn, KB; Gall, A; Bashford-Rogers, R; Fidler, SJ; Kaye, S, et al
20-Dec-2010Disease-associated XMRV sequences are consistent with laboratory contamination.Hué, S; Gray, ER; Gall, A; Katzourakis, A; Tan, CP, et al
28-Dec-2017Genome-wide evolutionary dynamics of influenza B viruses on a global scale.Langat, P; Raghwani, J; Dudas, G; Bowden, TA; Edwards, S, et al
13-Jul-2017Correction: Viral genetic variation accounts for a third of variability in HIV-1 set-point viral load in Europe.Blanquart, F; Wymant, C; Cornelissen, M; Gall, A; Bakker, M, et al
6-Feb-2014Complete genome sequence of the WHO International standard for HIV-1 RNA determined by deep sequencingGall, A; Morris, C; Kellam, P; Berry, N
16-Jan-2018Rapid HIV disease progression following superinfection in an HLA-B*27:05/B*57:01-positive transmission recipientBrener, J; Gall, A; Hurst, J; Batorsky, R; Lavandier, N, et al
7-Oct-2014Host genetic variants and gene expression patterns associated with Epstein-Barr virus copy number in lymphoblastoid cell linesHouldcroft, CJ; Petrova, V; Liu, JZ; Frampton, D; Anderson, CA, et al
30-Jun-2015Disease progression despite protective HLA expression in an HIV-infected transmission pairBrener, J; Gall, A; Batorsky, R; Riddell, L; Buus, S, et al
15-Jul-2015IVA: accurate de novo assembly of RNA virus genomesHunt, M; Gall, A; Ong, SH; Brener, J; Ferns, B, et al
15-Jul-2017From clinical sample to complete genome: Comparing methods for the extraction of HIV-1 RNA for high-throughput deep sequencingCornelissen, M; Gall, A; Vink, M; Zorgdrager, F; Binter, S, et al