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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2013Baseline characteristics of the UK wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD) cohort of the LUMINOUS observational studyBrand, C; Musadiq, M; Yang, Y; Taylor, SRJ; Gale, R, et al
25-Apr-2015Ebola information for the public: an assessment of suitability and readability of information available through US, UK, Canadian and European public health agenciesCastro Sanchez, EM; Spanoudakis, E; Holmes, A
6-Nov-2016Mapping Priority Areas for Surveillance of Surgical Site Infections in EnglandTroughton, R; Birgand, G; Holmes, A; Hopkins, S; National Institute for Health Research, et al
20-May-2016Blogging in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology: assessment of the ‘blogosphere' contentTroughton, R; Birgand, G; Moore, L; Castro Sanchez, E; Charani, E, et al
29-Jun-2015GABA-B receptor function in healthy volunteers, a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of two doses of baclofen compared to placeboTurton, S; Durant, C; Wilson, S; Cordero, R; Nahar, L, et al
1-Jun-2014Optimisation under uncertainty for a bioreactor that produces red blood cellsMisener, R; Allenby, M; Gari, MF; Rende, M; Velliou, E, et al
13-Apr-2018Understanding the determinants of infection control practices in surgery: The surgeon sets the toneTroughton, R; Mariano, V; Holmes, A; Birgand, G; National Institute for Health Research, et al
24-Apr-2017Post-discharge surveillance of surgical site infections: is anyone getting it right?Troughton, R; Castro Sanchez, EM; Birgand, GJC; Holmes, AH; National Institute for Health Research, et al
14-Nov-2017Discovering and validating disease subtypes for heart failure using unsupervised machine learning methodsFatemifar, G; Lumbers, RT; Swerdlow, DI; Denaxas, S
17-Aug-2018Investigating the impact of poverty on colonization/infection with drug-resistant organisms in humans: a scoping reviewAlividza, V; Mariano, V; Steel, S; Holmes, A; Castro Sanchez, EM, et al