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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2014Derivative processes for modelling metabolic fluxesZurauskiene, J; Kirk, P; Thorne, T; Pinney, J; Stumpf, M, et al
31-Jan-2017The atypical ubiquitin E2 conjugase UBE2L3 is an indirect caspase-1 target and controls IL-1beta secretion by inflammasomesEldridge, MJG; Sanchez Garrido, J; Hoben, GF; Goddard, PJ; Shenoy, AR, et al
4-Dec-2018Regulated proteolysis of p62/SQSTM1 enables differential control of autophagy and nutrient sensingSanchez-Garrdio, J; Sancho-Shimizu, V; Shenoy, A; The Royal Society; Wellcome Trust
1-Sep-2015The cytoskeleton in cell-autonomous immunity: structural determinants of host defenceMostowy, S; Shenoy, AR; The Royal Society; Wellcome Trust
7-Mar-2017Immunity to uropathogens: the emerging roles of inflammasomesHamilton, C; Tan, L; Miethke, T; Anand, PK; The Royal Society, et al
2-Nov-2015Optical control of insulin secretion using an incretin switchBroichhagen, J; Podewin, T; Meyer-Berg, H; Von Ohlen, Y; Johnston, NR, et al
4-Dec-2017CryoEM structures of the human INO80 chromatin remodelling complexZhang, X; Aramayo, RJ; Willhoft, O; Ayala, R; Bythell-Douglas, R, et al
9-Feb-2016Disallowance of Acot7 in b-Cells Is Required for Normal Glucose Tolerance and Insulin SecretionRutter, GA; The Royal Society; Medical Research Council (MRC); Wellcome Trust
3-Sep-2015Designing DNA nanodevices for compatibility with the immune system of higher organismsSurana, S; Shenoy, AR; Krishnan, Y; The Royal Society; Wellcome Trust
1-Jun-2015Antimicrobial inflammasomes: unified signalling against diverse bacterial pathogens (vol 23, pg 32, 2015)Eldridge, MJG; Shenoy, AR; The Royal Society