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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2016A novel methodology for in vivo endoscopic phenotyping of colorectal cancer based on real-time analysis of the mucosal lipidome: a prospective observational study of the iKnifeAlexander, J; Gildea, L; Balog, J; Speller, A; McKenzie, J, et al
12-Aug-2016NMR-Based Metabonomic Analysis of Physiological Responses to Starvation and Refeeding in the RatSerrano-Contreras, JI; Garcia-Perez, I; Melendez-Camargo, ME; Gerardo Zepeda, L
1-Feb-2016NMR-based metabonomic analysis of normal rat urine and faeces in response to (+/-)-venlafaxine treatmentSerrano-Contreras, JI; Garcia-Perez, I; Melendez-Camargo, ME; Zepeda-Vallejo, LG
14-Oct-2016Finding consensus on Frailty Assessment in Acute Care through Delphi methodSoong, JTY; Poots, AJ; BELL, D; Royal College of Physicians; National Institute for Health Research
24-Nov-2016Drug-resistant tuberculosis and advances in the treatment of childhood tuberculosisSeddon, JA; Schaaf, HS
1-Mar-2016Patient experience of negative effects of psychological treatment: results of a national survey.Crawford, MJ; Thana, L; Farquharson, L; Palmer, L; Hancock, E, et al
7-Dec-2016Electrotonic coupling of excitable and nonexcitable cells in the heart revealed by optogeneticsQuinn, TA; Camelliti, P; Rog-Zielinska, EA; Siedlecka, U; Poggioli, T, et al
11-May-2016Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainmentOkbay, A; Beauchamp, JP; Fontana, MA; Lee, JJ; Pers, TH, et al
15-Nov-2016Standardized methods for enhanced quality and comparability of tuberculous meningitis studiesMarais, BJ; Heemskerk, AD; Marais, SS; Van Crevel, R; Rohlwink, U, et al
1-Aug-2016Does body mass index impact on muscle wasting and recovery following critical illness? A pilot feasibility observational studySegaran, E; Wandrag, L; Stotz, M; Terblanche, M; Hickson, M