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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-2014Are recommendations for psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder in current UK guidelines justified? Systematic review and subgroup analysisOmar, H; Tejerina-Arreal, M; Crawford, MJ
26-Feb-2014Derivative processes for modelling metabolic fluxesZurauskiene, J; Kirk, P; Thorne, T; Pinney, J; Stumpf, M, et al
16-Jan-2014Predicting Free-living Energy Expenditure Using a Miniaturized Ear-Worn Sensor: An Evaluation Against Doubly Labelled WaterBouarfa, L; Atallah, L; Kwasnicki, RM; Pettitt, C; Frost, G, et al
8-May-2014Predicting phenotypes of asthma and eczema with machine learning.Prosperi, MC; Marinho, S; Simpson, A; Custovic, A; Buchan, IE
27-Jun-2014Host genetics and viral load in primary HIV-1 infection: clear evidence for gene by sex interactionsLi, X; Price, MA; He, D; Kamali, A; Karita, E, et al
21-Oct-2014Developmental Profiles of Eczema, Wheeze, and Rhinitis: Two Population-Based Birth Cohort StudiesBelgrave, DC; Granell, R; Simpson, A; Guiver, J; Bishop, C, et al
1-Jan-2014The burden and consequences of inherited blood disorders among young children in western KenyaSuchdev, PS; Ruth, LJ; Earley, M; Macharia, A; Williams, TN
1-May-2014Nutritional status of young children with inherited blood disorders in western Kenya.Tsang, BL; Sullivan, KM; Ruth, LJ; Williams, TN; Suchdev, PS
1-Oct-2014Aggression, DRD1 polymorphism, and lesion location in penetrating traumatic brain injuryPardini, M; Krueger, F; Hodgkinson, CA; Raymont, V; Strenziok, M, et al
1-Mar-2014Achieving comprehensive childhood immunization: an analysis of obstacles and opportunities in The GambiaPayne, S; Townend, J; Jasseh, M; Jallow, YL; Kampmann, B