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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2013One-pot DNA construction for synthetic biology: the Modular Overlap-Directed Assembly with Linkers (MODAL) strategyCasini, A; MacDonald, JT; De Jonghe, J; Christodoulou, G; Freemont, PS, et al
17-Jan-2013Epigenetic status of argininosuccinate synthetase and argininosuccinate lyase modulates autophagy and cell death in glioblastoma.Syed, N; Langer, J; Janczar, K; Singh, P; Lo Nigro, C, et al
27-Nov-2013Air pollution exposure and lung function in children: the ESCAPE project.Gehring, U; Gruzieva, O; Agius, RM; Beelen, R; Custovic, A, et al
1-Mar-2013Meta-analysis: the diagnostic accuracy of critical flicker frequency in minimal hepatic encephalopathyTorlot, FJ; McPhail, MJW; Taylor-Robinson, SD
2-Apr-2013Neonatal antibody responses are attenuated by interferon-gamma produced by NK and T cells during RSV infectionTregoning, JS; Wang, BL; McDonald, JU; Yamaguchi, Y; Harker, JA, et al
8-Feb-2013Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation in Hospitalised Patients with HIV-Associated Tuberculosisvan der Plas, H; Meintjes, G; Schutz, C; Goliath, R; Myer, L, et al
1-Jul-2013Recent insights into C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Pickering, MC; Cook, HT
19-Feb-2013Specific DNA recognition mediated by a type IV pilinCehovin, A; Simpson, PJ; McDowell, MA; Brown, DR; Noschese, R, et al
26-Apr-2013What's new in the diagnosis and management of food allergy in children?Turner, PJ; Campbell, DE
1-Apr-2013Strongyloidiasis and Infective Dermatitis Alter Human T Lymphotropic Virus-1 Clonality in vivoGillet, NA; Cook, L; Laydon, DJ; Hlela, C; Verdonck, K, et al