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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2018Age-related islet inflammation marks the proliferative decline of pancreatic beta-cells in zebrafishJanjuha, S; Singh, SP; Tsakmaki, A; Mousavy Gharavy, NS; Murawala, P, et al
4-Dec-2017Glucocorticoids reprogram beta cell signaling to preserve insulin secretionFine, NHF; Doig, CL; Elhassan, YS; Vierra, NC; Marchetti, P, et al
2-Nov-2015Optical control of insulin secretion using an incretin switchBroichhagen, J; Podewin, T; Meyer-Berg, H; Von Ohlen, Y; Johnston, NR, et al
25-Jul-2016Photoswitchable diacylglycerols enable optical control of protein kinase C.Frank, JA; Yushchenko, DA; Hodson, DJ; Lipstein, N; Nagpal, J, et al
1-Sep-2014Optical interrogation of glucose-regulated beta cell connectivityJohnston, NR; Mitchell, RK; Ferrer, J; Thorens, B; Rutter, GA, et al
5-Apr-2016Allosteric optical control of a class B G-protein-coupled receptorBroichhagen, J; Johnston, NR; Von Ohlen, Y; Meyer-Berg, H; Jones, BJ, et al
11-Dec-2014Rfx6 Maintains the Functional Identity of Adult Pancreatic β Cells.Piccand, J; Strasser, P; Hodson, DJ; Meunier, A; Ye, T, et al
1-Mar-2015Selective disruption of Tcf7l2 in the pancreatic β cell impairs secretory function and lowers β cell mass.Mitchell, RK; Mondragon, A; Chen, L; McGinty, JA; French, PM, et al
25-Apr-2014Incretin-Modulated Beta Cell Energetics in Intact Islets of LangerhansHodson, DJ; Tarasov, AI; Brias, SG; Mitchell, RK; Johnston, NR, et al
27-Jun-2014Biologically targeted probes for Zn2+: a diversity oriented modular "click-SNAr-click" approachPancholi, J; Hodson, DJ; Jobe, K; Rutter, GA; Goldup, SM, et al