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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2011When the user is not the chooser: stakeholder involvement in innovation adoption and implementation for addressing HCAISAhmad, R; Kyratsis, Y; Holmes, A
19-Jun-2017Is antimicrobial stewardship cost-effective? A narrative review of the evidenceNaylor, NR; Zhu, N; Hulscher, M; Holmes, A; Ahmad, R, et al
20-Feb-2018Comparison of governance approaches for the control of antimicrobial resistance: analysis of three European countriesBirgand, GJC; Castro-Sanchez, E; Hansen, S; Gastmeier, P; Lucet, J-C, et al
5-May-2017Opportunities for system level improvement in antibiotic use across the surgical pathwayCharani, E; Ahmad, R; Tarrant, C; Birgand, G; Leather, A, et al
21-Jul-2017Involving citizens in priority setting for public health research: implementation in infection researchRawson, T; Castro Sanchez, E; Charani, E; Husson, F; Moore, L, et al
17-Aug-2018Investigating the impact of poverty on colonization and infection with drug-resistant organisms in humans: a systematic reviewAlividza, V; Mariano, V; Ahmad, R; Charani, E; Rawson, T, et al
6-Nov-2016Application of novel outcome evaluation criteria to UK social marketing campaigns focused on infectionsCastro Sanchez, EM; Iwami, M; Ahmad, R; Holmes, A; National Institute for Health Research, et al
31-Oct-2016Patient engagement with infection management in secondary care: a qualitative investigation of current experiencesRawson, T; Moore, L; Hernandez, B; Castro Sanchez, E; Charani, E, et al
20-Mar-2018Development of a patient-centred intervention to improve knowledge and understanding of antibiotic therapy in secondary careRawson, T; Moore, L; Castro Sanchez, E; Charani, E; Hernandez Perez, B, et al
22-Apr-2017Articulating citizen participation in national policies for addressing antimicrobial resistance in European countries - an updated analysisCastro Sanchez, EM; Iwami, M; Ahmad, R; Holmes, A; National Institute for Health Research, et al