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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Primum non nocere: A call for balance when reporting on CTEStewart, W; Allinson, K; Al-Sarraj, S; Bachmeier, C; Barlow, K, et al
29-Aug-2017A High HIV-1 strain variability in London, UK, revealed by full-genome analysis: Results from the ICONIC projectYebra, G; Frampton, D; Cassarino, TG; Raffle, J; Hubb, J, et al
1-Mar-2019Author Correction: Progression of whole-blood transcriptional signatures from interferon-induced to neutrophil-associated patterns in severe influenza.Dunning, J; Blankley, S; Hoang, LT; Cox, M; Graham, CM, et al
1-Jun-2018Decreased noradrenaline transporter density in the motor cortex of Parkinson's disease patientsSommerauer, M; Hansen, AK; Parbo, P; Fedorova, TD; Knudsen, K, et al
-Overcoming Obstacles along the Pathway of Integrating Syrian Healthcare Professionals in GermanyAbbara, A; Rayes, D; Omar, M; Zakaria, A; Shehadeh, F, et al
22-Jul-2019Incidence of peripheral intravenous catheter failure among inpatients: variability between microbiological data and clinical signs and symptomsBlanco-Mavillard, I; Rodríguez-Calero, MA; Pedro-Gómez, J; Parra-García, G; Fernández-Fernández, I, et al
29-Nov-2018Complete remission with incomplete count recovery (CRi) prior to allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for acute myeloid leukemia is associated with a high non-relapse mortality without increased relapse riskInnes, AJ; Woolley, P; Szydlo, R; Lozano, S; Fernando, F, et al
23-Jul-2019In transition: current health challenges and priorities in SudanCharani, E; Cunnington, AJ; Yousif, AHA; Ahmed, MS; Ahmed, AEM, et al
25-Jul-2019Temporal association of the development of oropharyngeal microbiota with early life wheeze in a population-based birth cohortKroll, JS; Powell, E; Fontanella, S; Boakes, E; Belgrave, D, et al
1-Sep-2018Distinguishable brain networks relate disease susceptibility to symptom expression in schizophreniaLiu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhang, K; Zhang, J; Li, X, et al