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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2008Inhibition of AMP-activated protein kinase protects pancreatic beta-cells from cytokine-mediated apoptosis and CD8(+) T-cell-induced cytotoxicityRiboulet-Chavey, A; Diraison, F; Siew, LK; Wong, FS; Rutter, GA
1-Dec-2009The ADMA/DDAH Pathway Regulates VEGF-Mediated AngiogenesisFiedler, LR; Bachetti, T; Leiper, J; Zachary, I; Chen, L, et al
20-Aug-2015WSES guidelines for management of Clostridium difficile infection in surgical patients.Sartelli, M; Malangoni, MA; Abu-Zidan, FM; Griffiths, EA; Di Bella, S, et al
3-May-2017Brain iron chelation by deferiprone in a phase 2 randomised double-blinded placebo controlled clinical trial in Parkinson's diseaseMartin-Bastida, A; Ward, RJ; Newbould, R; Piccini, P; Sharp, D, et al
1-Feb-2016NMR-based metabonomic analysis of normal rat urine and faeces in response to (+/-)-venlafaxine treatmentSerrano-Contreras, JI; Garcia-Perez, I; Melendez-Camargo, ME; Zepeda-Vallejo, LG
1-Oct-2010B-cell depletion reveals a role for antibodies in the control of chronic HIV-1 infectionHuang, K-HG; Bonsall, D; Katzourakis, A; Thomson, EC; Fidler, SJ, et al
1-Feb-2011Modulation of human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte growth: A testbed for studying human cardiac hypertrophy?Foeldes, G; Mioulane, M; Wright, JS; Liu, AQ; Novak, P, et al
18-May-2010NSAIDs: how they work and their prospects as therapeutics in Alzheimer's diseaseSastre, M; Gentleman, SM
20-Jul-2015Binding of cyclic Di-AMP to the staphylococcus aureus sensor kinase KdpD occurs via the universal stress protein domain and downregulates the expression of the Kdp potassium transporterMoscoso, JA; Schramke, H; Zhang, Y; Tosi, T; Dehbi, A, et al
11-May-2010Dynamics of Subsynaptic Vesicles and Surface Microclusters at the Immunological SynapsePurbhoo, MA; Liu, H; Oddos, S; Owen, DM; Neil, MAA, et al