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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-May-2016Diabetes in pregnancy and infant adiposity: systematic review and meta-analysisLogan, K; Gale, C; Hyde, M; Santhakumaran, S; Modi, N, et al
7-Jul-2016Impact of maternal BMI and sampling strategy on the concentration of leptin, insulin, ghrelin and resistin in breast milk across a single feed: a longitudinal cohort studyAndreas, NJ; Hyde, M; Herbert, B; Jeffries, S; Santhakumaran, S, et al
12-May-2016Development of Early Adiposity in Infants of Mothers With Gestational Diabetes MellitusLogan, K; Emsley, RJ; Jeffries, S; Andrzejewska, I; Hyde, MJ, et al
13-May-2019Inconsistent outcome reporting in large neonatal trials: A systematic reviewWebbe, J; Ali, S; Sakonidou, S; Webbe, T; Duffy, J, et al
23-Dec-2014Effect of maternal body mass index on hormones in breast milk: a systematic review.Andreas, NJ; Hyde, MJ; Gale, C; Parkinson, JR; Jeffries, S, et al
19-Apr-2017A systematic review of administrative and clinical databases of infants admitted to neonatal unitsStatnikov, Y; Ibrahim, B; Modi, N; National Institute for Health Research
3-Jan-2017Development of a gestational age–specific case definition for neonatal necrotizing enterocolitisBattersby, CWS; Longford, N; Costeloe, K; Modi, N; National Institute for Health Research
1-Jan-2014Preterm nutritional intake and MRI phenotype at term age: a prospective observational studyVasu, V; Durighel, G; Thomas, L; Malamateniou, C; Bell, JD, et al
1-Jan-2014The effects of designation and volume of neonatal care on mortality and morbidity outcomes of very preterm infants in England: retrospective population-based cohort studyWatson, SI; Arulampalam, W; Petrou, S; Marlow, N; Morgan, AS, et al
23-Apr-2014The International Network for Evaluating Outcomes of very low birth weight, very preterm neonates (iNeo): a protocol for collaborative comparisons of international health services for quality improvement in neonatal careShah, PS; Lee, SK; Lui, K; Sjors, G; Mori, R, et al