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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2017Advancing child health research in the UK: the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Infants' Children's and Young People's Research CharterHunter, L; Sparrow, E; Modi, N; Greenough, A; Medical Research Council (MRC), et al
1-Apr-2015Sexual dimorphism in relation to adipose tissue and intrahepatocellular lipid deposition in early infancyGale, C; Logan, KM; Jeffries, S; Parkinson, JRC; Santhakumaran, S, et al
7-Mar-2017International variations and trends in the treatment for retinopathy of prematurityDarlow, BA; Lui, K; Kusuda, S; Reichman, B; Hakansson, S, et al
11-May-2015Multiplatform characterization of dynamic changes in breast milk during lactation.Andreas, NJ; Hyde, MJ; Gomez-Romero, M; Lopez-Gonzalvez, MA; VillaseƱor, A, et al
13-Apr-2016Neena Modi: Dogged, determined, drivenModi, N
1-Oct-2018A framework to address key issues of neonatal service configuration in England: the NeoNet multimethods studyVilleneuve, E; Pitt, M; Landa, P; Allen, M; Spencer, A, et al
2-May-2018A radical proposal: to promote children's wellbeing give them the vote This straightforward change might ensure that child friendly policies get political attentionModi, N
17-Apr-2018Public and patient involvement in child health research and service improvements: a survey of hospital doctorsWinch, R; McColgan, MP; Sparrow, E; Modi, N; Greenough, A
23-Jan-2018Body composition following necrotising enterocolitis in preterm infantsBinder, C; Longford, N; Gale, CRK; Modi, N; Uthaya, S, et al
9-Oct-2018Parent, patient and clinician perceptions of outcomes during and following neonatal care: a systematic review of qualitative researchWebbe, J; Brunton, G; Ali, S; Longford, N; Modi, N, et al