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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2011Evaluation of bleach-sedimentation for sterilising and concentrating Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum specimensChew, R; Calderon, C; Schumacher, SG; Sherman, JM; Caviedes, L, et al
26-Jul-2011GeneXpert-A Game-Changer for Tuberculosis Control?Evans, CA
13-Sep-2011The biogenesis and characterization of mammalian microRNAs of mirtron origin.Sibley, CR; Seow, Y; Saayman, S; Dijkstra, KK; El Andaloussi, S, et al
27-May-2011Prospective study of immunological factors in non-inflammatory bowel disease enterocutaneous fistulasRahbour, G; Hart, AL; Al-Hassi, HO; Ullah, MR; Gabe, SM, et al
31-Jan-2011Sexual dimorphism of kisspeptin and neurokinin B immunoreactive neurons in the infundibular nucleus of aged men and women.Hrabovszky, E; Molnár, CS; Sipos, MT; Vida, B; Ciofi, P, et al
14-Sep-2011An alternative polyadenylation signal in TCF7L2 generates isoforms that inhibit T cell factor/lymphoid-enhancer factor (TCF/LEF)-dependent target genesLocke, JM; Xavier, GDS; Rutter, GA; Harries, LW; Medical Research Council (MRC)
15-Nov-2011Role of emotion in shifting choice preference: a neuroscientific perspective.Chen, VJ; Allen, H; Deb, S; Humphreys, G