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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2011Differences in both prevalence and titre of specific immunoglobulin E among children with asthma in affluent and poor communities within a large town in Ghana.Stevens, W; Addo-Yobo, E; Roper, J; Woodcock, A; James, H, et al
12-Dec-2011Quantification of atopy, lung function and airway hypersensitivity in adults.Marinho, S; Simpson, A; Marsden, P; Smith, JA; Custovic, A
18-Dec-2011Malaria impairs resistance to Salmonella through heme- and heme oxygenase-dependent dysfunctional granulocyte mobilization.Cunnington, AJ; de Souza, JB; Walther, M; Riley, EM
22-Jul-2011Glucose Regulates Free Cytosolic Zn2+ Concentration, Slc39 (ZiP), and Metallothionein Gene Expression in Primary Pancreatic Islet beta-CellsBellomo, EA; Meur, G; Rutter, GA
12-Oct-2011Plasma proteome analysis in HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesisKirk, PDW; Witkover, A; Courtney, A; Lewin, AM; Wait, R, et al
7-Jul-2011Phylogenetic analysis consistent with a clinical history of sexual transmission of HIV-1 from a single donor reveals transmission of highly distinct variantsEnglish, S; Katzourakis, A; Bonsall, D; Flanagan, P; Duda, A, et al
19-Jun-2011Long- term outcome of paediatric patients with ANCA vasculitisArulkumaran, N; Jawad, S; Smith, SW; Harper, L; Brogan, P, et al
23-May-2011Missing Clinical Information in NHS hospital outpatient clinics: prevalence, causes and effects on patient careBurnett, S; Deelchand, V; Dean-Franklin, B; Moorthy, K; Vincent, C
28-Mar-2011"Studying injured minds" - the Vietnam head injury study and 40 years of brain injury researchRaymont, V; Salazar, AM; Krueger, F; Grafman, J
2-Dec-2011The intraepithelial T cell response to NKG2D-ligands links lymphoid stress surveillance to atopy.Strid, J; Sobolev, O; Zafirova, B; Polic, B; Hayday, A