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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2014Anti-Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Actions of Vitamin D in Combating TB/HIV.Coussens, AK; Martineau, AR; Wilkinson, RJ
1-Dec-2014Neutrophil-Associated Central Nervous System Inflammation in Tuberculous Meningitis Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome.Marais, S; Wilkinson, KA; Lesosky, M; Coussens, AK; Deffur, A, et al
1-Aug-2011High prevalence of subclinical tuberculosis in HIV-1-infected persons without advanced immunodeficiency: implications for TB screeningOni, T; Burke, R; Tsekela, R; Bangani, N; Seldon, R, et al
1-Jul-2013Ethnic Variation in Inflammatory Profile in TuberculosisCoussens, AK; Wilkinson, RJ; Nikolayevskyy, V; Elkington, PT; Hanifa, Y, et al
1-Jan-2014Matrix metalloproteinases and tissue damage in HIV-tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndromeTadokera, R; Meintjes, GA; Wilkinson, KA; Skolimowska, KH; Walker, N, et al
19-Jun-2014The ongoing challenge of latent tuberculosisEsmail, H; Barry, CE; Young, DB; Wilkinson, RJ
1-Feb-2013Relationship between chemokine receptor expression, chemokine levels and HIV-1 replication in the lungs of persons exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosisKalsdorf, B; Skolimowska, KH; Scriba, TJ; Dawson, R; Dheda, K, et al
1-Oct-2014Mycobacterial Antigen Driven Activation of CD14++CD16- Monocytes Is a Predictor of Tuberculosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome.Andrade, BB; Singh, A; Narendran, G; Schechter, ME; Nayak, K, et al
21-Jun-2011Immune Responses to the Enduring Hypoxic Response Antigen Rv0188 Are Preferentially Detected in Mycobacterium bovis Infected Cattle with Low PathologyJones, GJ; Pirson, C; Gideon, HP; Wilkinson, KA; Sherman, DR, et al
1-Jul-2011Programmed death ligand 1 is over-expressed by neutrophils in the blood of patients with active tuberculosisMcNab, FW; Berry, MPR; Graham, CM; Bloch, SAA; Oni, T, et al