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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2013Transcriptional Blood Signatures Distinguish Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Pneumonias and Lung CancersBloom, CI; Graham, CM; Berry, MPR; Rozakeas, F; Redford, PS, et al
19-Aug-2010An interferon-inducible neutrophil-driven blood transcriptional signature in human tuberculosisBerry, MPR; Graham, CM; McNab, FW; Xu, Z; Bloch, SAA, et al
1-Jun-2010Analysis of TBC1D4 in patients with severe insulin resistanceDash, S; Langenberg, C; Fawcett, KA; Semple, RK; Romeo, S, et al
30-Mar-2010Clinical deterioration during antituberculosis treatment in Africa: Incidence, causes and risk factorsPepper, DJ; Marais, S; Wilkinson, RJ; Bhaijee, F; Maartens, G, et al
10-Oct-2012Altered Ratio of IFN-gamma/IL-10 in Patients with Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV-Tuberculosis Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory SyndromeSkolimowska, KH; Rangaka, MX; Meintjes, G; Pepper, DJ; Seldon, R, et al
9-Oct-2012Smoking, BCG and Employment and the Risk of Tuberculosis Infection in HIV-Infected Persons in South AfricaOni, T; Gideon, HP; Bangani, N; Tsekela, R; Seldon, R, et al
1-Apr-2013Role of the Interleukin 10 Family of Cytokines in Patients With Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome Associated With HIV Infection and TuberculosisTadokera, R; Wilkinson, KA; Meintjes, GA; Skolimowska, KH; Matthews, K, et al
20-Dec-2012A Recent HIV Diagnosis Is Associated with Non-Completion of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy in an HIV-Infected Cohort in Cape TownOni, T; Tsekela, R; Kwaza, B; Manjezi, L; Bangani, N, et al
12-Sep-2012The Effect of Tenofovir on Vitamin D Metabolism in HIV-Infected Adults Is Dependent on Sex and EthnicityKlassen, K; Martineau, AR; Wilkinson, RJ; Cooke, G; Courtney, AP, et al
1-Feb-2013Frequency, Severity, and Prediction of Tuberculous Meningitis Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory SyndromeMarais, S; Meintjes, G; Pepper, DJ; Dodd, LE; Schutz, C, et al