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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2016Harnessing novel quantitative pharmacology approaches to optimize the treatment of children with tuberculosisSeddon, JA; Makhene, MK
1-Apr-2017Old Antibiotics for Tuberculosis ReplySeddon, JA; Makhene, MK; Gumbo, T
12-Jun-2017Peripheral neuropathy in a diabetic child treated with linezolid for multidrugresistant tuberculosis: a case report and review of the literatureSwaminathan, A; Du Cros, P; Seddon, JA; Mirgayosieva, S; Asladdin, R, et al
1-Sep-2017The global burden of tuberculosis mortality in children: a mathematical modelling studyDodd, P; Yuen, C; Sismanidis, C; Seddon, JA; Jenkins, H
1-Mar-2019Moving toward tuberculosis elimination: critical issues for research in diagnostics and therapeutics for tuberculosis infectionKeshavjee, S; Amanullah, F; Cattamanchi, A; Chaisson, R; Dobos, KM, et al
1-Mar-2019Tuberculosis susceptibility and protection in childrenBasu Roy, R; Whittaker, E; Seddon, JA; Kampmann, B; National Institute for Health Research
1-Aug-2018Treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis infection in childrenCruz, AT; Garcia-Prats, AJ; Furin, J; Seddon, JA