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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2017GABA signaling: A route to new pancreatic beta cellsRutter, GA
20-Jan-2017Diabetes: Controlling the identity of the adult pancreatic β cell.Rutter, GA
30-Jun-2016The role of oxidative stress and hypoxia in pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction in diabetes mellitus.Gerber, PA; Rutter, GA
25-Mar-2017Pancreatic alpha cell-selective deletion of Tcf7l2 impairs glucagon secretion and counter-regulatory responses in miceDa Silva Xavier, G; Mondragon, A; Mourougavelou, V; Cruciani-Guglielmacci, C; Denom, J, et al
4-Apr-2017The transcription factor Pax6 is required for pancreatic β cell identity, glucose-regulated ATP synthesis and Ca2+ dynamics in adult mice.Mitchell, RK; Nguyen-Tu, MS; Chabosseau, P; Callingham, RM; Pullen, TJ, et al
26-Apr-2016Calcium-insensitive splice variants of mammalian E1 subunit of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex with tissue-specific patterns of expressionDenton, RM; Pullen, TJ; Armstrong, CT; Heesom, KJ; Rutter, GA
1-Jun-2016Zinc and diabetesChabosseau, P; Rutter, GA
13-Sep-2016Beta cell hubs dictate pancreatic islet responses to glucoseJohnston, NR; Mitchell, RK; Haythorne, E; Pessoa, MP; Semplici, F, et al
19-Jul-2012The mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter MCU Is essential for glucose-induced ATP increases in pancreatic beta-cellsTarasov, AI; Semplici, F; Ravier, MA; Bellomo, EA; Pullen, TJ, et al
1-Jul-2014Roles of IncRNAs in pancreatic beta cell identity and diabetes susceptibilityPullen, TJ; Rutter, GA