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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2016Pax6 is required for the functional identity of the adult pancreatic beta cellRutter, GA; Mitchell, RK; Hodson, DJ
23-Dec-2015The two pore channel TPC2 is dispensable in pancreatic β-cells for normal Ca2+ dynamics and insulin secretionRutter, GA; Cane, MC; Parrington, J; Rorsman, P; Galione, A, et al
14-Sep-2017Role of StarD10 in beta cell physiologyCarrat, G; Haythorne, E; Chabosseau, P; Hodson, DJ; Catala, AT, et al
1-Sep-2017Glucocorticoids re-programme the beta cell signalling cassette to preserve functional identity and insulin secretionFine, NHF; Doig, CL; Elhassan, Y; Marchetti, P; Bugliani, M, et al
22-Mar-2017Remote control of glucose homeostasis in vivo using photopharmacologyMehta, ZB; Johnston, NR; Nguyen-Tu, M-S; Broichhagen, J; Schultz, P, et al
14-Sep-2011An alternative polyadenylation signal in TCF7L2 generates isoforms that inhibit T cell factor/lymphoid-enhancer factor (TCF/LEF)-dependent target genesLocke, JM; Xavier, GDS; Rutter, GA; Harries, LW; Medical Research Council (MRC)
1-Jan-2010Carbohydrate-Responsive Element-Binding Protein (ChREBP) Is a Negative Regulator of ARNT/HIF-1 beta Gene Expression in Pancreatic Islet beta-CellsNoordeen, NA; Khera, TK; Sun, G; Longbottom, ER; Pullen, TJ, et al
4-Feb-2019An essential role for the Zn2+ transporter ZIP7 in B cell developmentAnzilotti, C; Swan, DJ; Boisson, B; Deobagkar-Lele, M; Oliveira, C, et al