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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2015An antimicrobial stewardship program initiative: a qualitative study on prescribing practices among hospital doctorsSkodvin, B; Aase, K; Charani, E; Holmes, A; Smith, I, et al
14-Jul-2015Antimicrobial therapy in obesity: a multicentre cross-sectional study.Charani, E; Gharbi, M; Frost, G; Drumright, L; Holmes, A
1-Apr-2018Delivering precision antimicrobial therapy through closed-loop control systemsRawson, T; O'hare, D; Herrero, P; Sharma, S; Moore, L, et al
16-Aug-2018Fast and expensive (PCR) or cheap and slow (culture)? A mathematical modelling study to explore screening for carbapenem resistance in UK hospitalsKnight, GM; Dyakova, E; Mookerjee, S; Davies, F; Brannigan, E, et al
13-Apr-2018Understanding the determinants of infection control practices in surgery: The surgeon sets the toneTroughton, R; Mariano, V; Holmes, A; Birgand, G; , et al
17-Aug-2018Investigating the impact of poverty on colonization and infection with drug-resistant organisms in humans: a systematic reviewAlividza, V; Mariano, V; Ahmad, R; Charani, E; Rawson, T, et al
6-Jul-2016An Evidence-Based Antimicrobial Stewardship Smartphone App for Hospital Outpatients: Survey-based Needs Assessment Among PatientsMicallef, C; McLeod, M; Castro-Sanchez, E; Gharbi, M; Charani, E, et al
13-Apr-2016Is there a role for a bespoke app on antimicrobial stewardship targeting patients and the public?Micallef, C; Kildonavaciute, K; Castro Sanchez, EM; Holmes, A;
30-Aug-2016A needs assessment study for optimising prescribing practice in secondary care junior doctors: The Antibiotic Prescribing Education among Doctors (APED)Gharbi, M; Moore, LSP; Castro Sanchez, E; Spanoudakis, E; Grady, C, et al
2-Sep-2016What are the factors driving antimicrobial resistance? Perspectives from a public event in London, EnglandCastro Sanchez, EM; Moore, LSP; Husson; Holmes, A; , et al