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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2014The hospital microbiome project: Meeting report for the UK science and innovation network UK-USA workshop 'beating the superbugs: Hospital microbiome studies for tackling antimicrobial resistance', October 14th 2013Westwood, J; Burnett, M; Spratt, D; Ball, M; Wilson, DJ, et al
13-Nov-2008Is health care getting safer?Vincent, C; Aylin, P; Franklin, BD; Holmes, A; Iskander, S, et al
29-Jun-2011When the user is not the chooser: stakeholder involvement in innovation adoption and implementation for addressing HCAISAhmad, R; Kyratsis, Y; Holmes, A
16-Oct-2015Measures to eradicate multidrug-resistant organism outbreaks: How much does it cost?Birgand, GJC; Bourigault, C; Moore, L; Vella, V; Lepelletier, D, et al
14-Feb-2014Do smartphone applications in healthcare require a governance and legal framework? It depends on the application!Charani, E; Castro-Sanchez, E; Moore, LSP; Holmes, A; Medical Research Council (MRC)
13-Apr-2016Is there a role for a bespoke app on antimicrobial stewardship targeting patients and the public?Micallef, C; Kildonavaciute, K; Castro Sanchez, EM; Holmes, A; National Institute for Health Research
1-Apr-2018Delivering precision antimicrobial therapy through closed-loop control systemsRawson, T; O'hare, D; Herrero, P; Sharma, S; Moore, L, et al
5-Feb-2019Simultaneous single-channel multiplexing and quantification of carbapenem-resistant genes using multidimensional standard curvesRodriguez-Manzano, J; Moniri, A; Malpartida-Cardenas, K; Dronavalli, J; Davies, F, et al
13-Jul-2017Towards a minimally invasive device for beta-lactam monitoring in humansRawson, TM; Sharma, S; Georgiou, P; Holmes, A; Cass, A, et al
19-Jun-2017Is antimicrobial stewardship cost-effective? A narrative review of the evidenceNaylor, NR; Zhu, N; Hulscher, M; Holmes, A; Ahmad, R, et al