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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2012Plasma HIV Viral Rebound following Protocol-Indicated Cessation of ART Commenced in Primary and Chronic HIV InfectionHamlyn, E; Ewings, FM; Porter, K; Cooper, DA; Tambussi, G, et al
1-Jun-2014Laboratory adverse events and discontinuation of therapy according to CD4 R cell count at the start of antiretroviral therapyJose, S; Quinn, K; Hill, T; Leen, C; Walsh, J, et al
10-Jan-2014Low levels of HIV test coverage in clinical settings in the UK: a systematic review of adherence to 2008 guidelinesElmahdi, R; Gerver, SM; Guillen, GG; Fidler, S; Cooke, G, et al
4-Dec-2012Uptake of Home-Based Voluntary HIV Testing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSabapathy, K; Van den Bergh, R; Fidler, S; Hayes, R; Ford, N
14-Jan-2014A systematic review of definitions of extreme phenotypes of HIV control and progressionGurdasani, D; Iles, L; Dillon, DG; Young, EH; Olson, AD, et al
1-Jul-2015Control of HIV viraemia is not enough in perinatal HIV.Foster, C; Fidler, S
1-Feb-2017Virological Blips and Predictors of Post Treatment Viral Control After Stopping ART Started in Primary HIV Infection.Fidler, S; Olson, AD; Bucher, HC; Fox, J; Thornhill, J, et al
15-Mar-2016The effect of chemotherapy on the HIV reservoir in patients on suppressive ART with malignancy: an observational studyHopkins, E; Meyerowitz, J; Kelly, S; Bower, M; Fidler, S, et al
1-Oct-2015IAS Towards an HIV Cure Symposium: people focused, science driven: 18-19 July 2015, Vancouver, Canada.Fidler, S; Thornhill, J; Malatinkova, E; Reinhard, R; Lamplough, R, et al
20-Feb-2017Post-treatment control or treated controllers? Viral remission in treated and untreated primary HIV infectionMartin, GE; Gossez, M; Williams, JP; Stohr, W; Meyerowitz, J, et al