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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Oct-2017A pilot evaluation of whole blood finger-prick sampling for point-of-care HIV viral load measurement: the UNICORN study.Fidler, S; Lewis, H; Meyerowitz, J; Kuldanek, K; Thornhill, J, et al
12-Sep-2014HIV-1 DNA predicts disease progression and post-treatment virological control.Williams, JP; Hurst, J; Stoehr, W; Robinson, N; Brown, H, et al
29-Aug-2017Understanding low sensitivity of community-based HIV rapid testing: experiences from the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial in Zambia and South AfricaBock, P; Phiri, C; Piwowar-Manning, E; Kosloff, B; Mandla, N, et al
28-Aug-2017A qualitative study exploring the social and environmental context of recently acquired HIV infection among men who have sex with men in South-East England.Gourlay, A; Fox, J; Gafos, M; Fidler, S; Nwokolo, N, et al
25-Aug-2015Virological failure and development of new resistance mutations according to CD4 count at combination antiretroviral therapy initiationJose, S; Quinn, K; Dunn, D; Cox, A; Sabin, C, et al
1-Feb-2019Community based distribution of oral HIV self-testing kits in Zambia: a cluster-randomised trial nested in four HPTN 071 (PopART) intervention communitiesMulubwa, C; Hensen, B; Phiri, MM; Shanaube, K; Schaap, AJ, et al
9-Oct-2015Immunological biomarkers predict HIV-1 viral rebound after treatment interruptionHurst, J; Hoffmann, M; Pace, M; Williams, JP; Thornhill, J, et al
17-Jul-2015The effect of short-course antiretroviral therapy initiated in primary HIV-1 infection on interleukin-6 and D-dimer levelsHamlyn, E; Stoehr, W; Cooper, DA; Fisher, M; Tambussi, G, et al
10-Mar-2015HIV treatment-as-prevention research: taking the right road at the crossroadsHayes, R; Fidler, S; Cori, A; Fraser, C; Floyd, S, et al
16-May-2017A review of transition experiences in perinatally and behaviourally acquired HIV-1 infection; same, same but different?Lam, PK; Fidler, S; Foster, C; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding