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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2013Recent insights into C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Pickering, MC; Cook, HT
20-Feb-2013Leukocyte and serum S100A8/S100A9 expression reflects disease activity in ANCA-associated vasculitis and glomerulonephritisPepper, RJ; Hamour, S; Chavele, KM; Todd, SK; Rasmussen, N, et al
22-Sep-2015Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins modulate the distribution and extravasation of Ly6C/Gr1(low) monocytes.Saja, MF; Baudino, L; Jackson, WD; Cook, HT; Malik, TH, et al
15-Sep-2015Partial complement factor H deficiency associates with C3 glomerulopathy and thrombotic microangiopathyVernon, KA; Ruseva, MM; Cook, HT; Botto, M; Malik, TH, et al
1-Jan-2012Fibrillary inclusions in light chain proximal tubulopathy associated with myelomaNeild, GH; Corbett, RW; Cook, HT; Duncan, N; Moss, J
-The natural history of IgM nephropathy in adultsPusey, CD; Connor, TM; Aiello, V; Griffith, M; Cairns, T, et al
11-Dec-2017Clusters not classifications: making sense of complement-mediated kidney injuryCook, HT; Pickering, MC
1-Jul-2018Distribution of exogenous complement factor H in mice invivoKoskinen, AR; Cheng, Z-Z; Pickering, MC; Kairemo, K; Meri, T, et al
2-Apr-2014Validation of the Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy in cohorts with different presentations and treatmentsCoppo, R; Troyanov, S; Bellur, S; Cattran, D; Cook, HT, et al
1-Feb-2015Epidermal growth factor attenuates tubular necrosis following mercuric chloride damage by regeneration of indigenous, not bone marrow-derived cellsYen, T-H; Alison, MR; Goodlad, RA; Otto, WR; Jeffery, R, et al