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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2011In vivo Expression of Human T-lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Basic Leucine-Zipper Protein Generates Specific CD8+and CD4+T-Lymphocyte Responses that Correlate with Clinical OutcomeHilburn, S; Rowan, A; Demontis, M-A; MacNamara, A; Asquith, B, et al
1-Apr-2013Strongyloidiasis and Infective Dermatitis Alter Human T Lymphotropic Virus-1 Clonality in vivoGillet, NA; Cook, L; Laydon, DJ; Hlela, C; Verdonck, K, et al
12-Oct-2011Plasma proteome analysis in HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesisKirk, PDW; Witkover, A; Courtney, A; Lewin, AM; Wait, R, et al
1-May-2009The Avidity and Lytic Efficiency of the CTL Response to HTLV-1Kattan, T; MacNamara, A; Rowan, AG; Nose, H; Mosley, AJ, et al
28-May-2008Human T-lymphotropic virus-1 visualized at the virological synapse by electron tomography.Majorovits, E; Nejmeddine, M; Tanaka, Y; Taylor, GP; Fuller, SD, et al
1-Jun-2012Ciclosporin A Proof of Concept Study in Patients with Active, Progressive HTLV-1 Associated Myelopathy/Tropical Spastic ParaparesisMartin, F; Castro, H; Gabriel, C; Adonis, A; Fedina, A, et al
1-Jul-2018Careful consideration when responding to new data: dolutegravir and pregnancyFoster, C; Fidler, S; Lyall, E; Taylor, GP; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding, et al
29-Apr-2015Differences in antigen-specific CD4+ responses to opportunistic infections in HIV infectionPollock, KM; Montamat-Sicotte, DJ; Cooke, GS; Kapembwa, MS; Kon, OM, et al
25-May-2017Human T-lymphotropic viruses (HTLV) in England and Wales, 2004-2013: Testing and diagnosesIreland, G; Croxford, S; Tosswill, JHC; Raghu, R; Davison, K, et al
23-Jan-2012Comparison of screening strategies to improve the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection in the HIV-positive population: a cohort studyPollock, KM; Tam, H; Grass, L; Bowes, S; Cooke, GS, et al