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3-May-2017Myocardial and haemodynamic responses to two fluid regimens in African children with severe malnutrition and hypovolaemic shock (AFRIM study)Obonyo, N; Brent, B; Olupot-Olupot, P; Boele van Hensbroek, M; Kuipers, I, et al
-Validation of triple pass 24-hour dietary recall in Ugandan children by simultaneous weighed food assessmentMaitland, K
30-Jun-2011Mortality after Fluid Bolus in African Children with Severe InfectionMaitland, K; Kiguli, S; Opoka, RO; Engoru, C; Olupot-Olupot, P, et al
2-Sep-2010Choice of fluids for resuscitation in children with severe infection and shock: systematic reviewAkech, S; Ledermann, H; Maitland, K
1-Mar-2015Safety and efficacy of allogeneic umbilical cord red blood cell transfusion for children with severe anaemia in a Kenyan hospital: an open-label single-arm trialHassall, OW; Thitiri, J; Fegan, G; Hamid, F; Mwarumba, S, et al
18-Feb-2012The FEAST trial of fluid bolus in African children with severe infectionMaitland, K; Babiker, A; Kiguli, S; Molyneux, E
8-Apr-2010Antimicrobials in children admitted to hospital in malaria endemic areasMaitland, K
12-Mar-2012Predicting the clinical outcome of severe falciparum malaria in african children: findings from a large randomized trial.von Seidlein, L; Olaosebikan, R; Hendriksen, IC; Lee, SJ; Adedoyin, OT, et al
24-Feb-2011Likely Health Outcomes for Untreated Acute Febrile Illness in the Tropics in Decision and Economic Models; A Delphi SurveyLubell, Y; Staedke, SG; Greenwood, BM; Kamya, MR; Molyneux, M, et al
15-Sep-2006Volume Expansion with Albumin Compared to Gelofusine in Children with Severe Malaria: Results of a Controlled TrialAkech, S; Gwer, S; Idro, R; Fegan, G; Eziefula, AC, et al