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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Dec-2016ARIA 2016: Care pathways implementing emerging technologies for predictive medicine in rhinitis and asthma across the life cycleBousquet, J; Hellings, PW; Agache, I; Bedbrook, A; Bachert, C, et al
8-Feb-2017Shared genetic variants suggest common pathways in allergy and autoimmune diseases.Kreiner, E; Waage, J; Standl, M; Brix, S; Pers, TH, et al
29-Aug-2015Insoluble and soluble roasted walnut proteins retain antibody reactivityDowns, ML; Simpson, A; Custovic, A; Semic-Jusufagic, A; Bartra, J, et al
15-Aug-2016A new framework for the interpretation of IgE sensitization testsRoberts, G; Ollert, M; Aalberse, R; Austin, M; Custovic, A, et al
1-Mar-2007Active smoking among asthmatic youth--how concerned we need to be.Semic-Jusufagic, A; Custovic, A
19-Oct-2015Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of 21,000 cases and 95,000 controls identifies new risk loci for atopic dermatitisPaternoster, L; Standl, M; Waage, J; Baurecht, H; Hotze, M, et al
19-Nov-2015Relationship between cytokine expression patterns and clinical outcomes: two population-based birth cohortsWu, J; Prosperi, MC; Simpson, A; Hollams, EM; Sly, PD, et al
1-Oct-2013Long-term exposure to PM10 and NO2 in association with lung volume and airway resistance in the MAAS birth cohort.Mölter, A; Agius, RM; de Vocht, F; Lindley, S; Gerrard, W, et al
28-Sep-2015Atopic dermatitis and respiratory allergy: what is the linkBelgrave, DC; Simpson, A; Buchan, IE; Custovic, A; Medical Research Council (MRC)
28-Feb-2014Challenges in interpreting allergen microarrays in relation to clinical symptoms: a machine learning approach.Prosperi, MC; Belgrave, D; Buchan, I; Simpson, A; Custovic, A