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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2010Genetic Loci Modulate Macrophage Activity and Glomerular Damage in Experimental GlomerulonephritisBehmoaras, J; Smith, J; D'Souza, Z; Bhangal, G; Chawanasuntoropoj, R, et al
1-Jul-2013Recent insights into C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Pickering, MC; Cook, HT
20-Feb-2013Leukocyte and serum S100A8/S100A9 expression reflects disease activity in ANCA-associated vasculitis and glomerulonephritisPepper, RJ; Hamour, S; Chavele, KM; Todd, SK; Rasmussen, N, et al
1-Sep-2015Use of quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction to assess gene transcripts associated with antibody-mediated rejection of kidney transplantsDominy, KM; Roufosse, C; De Kort, H; Willicombe, M; Brookes, P, et al
9-Dec-2016A multicenter cohort study of histologic findings and long-term outcomes of kidney disease in women who have been pregnantWebster, P; Webster, LM; Cook, HT; Horsfield, C; Seed, PT, et al
17-Feb-2012Role of Novel Rat-specific Fc Receptor in Macrophage Activation Associated with Crescentic GlomerulonephritisPage, TH; D'Souza, Z; Nakanishi, S; Serikawa, T; Pusey, CD, et al
30-Jun-2017Circulating complement factor H-related proteins 1 and 5 correlate with disease activity in IgA nephropathyMedjeral-Thomas, NR; Lomax-Browne, HJ; Beckwith, H; Willicombe, M; McLean, AG, et al
1-Feb-2015Epidermal growth factor attenuates tubular necrosis following mercuric chloride damage by regeneration of indigenous, not bone marrow-derived cellsYen, T-H; Alison, MR; Goodlad, RA; Otto, WR; Jeffery, R, et al
23-Dec-2015Occam's razor or Hickam's dictum? Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitisHenderson, SR; Shah, A; Copley, SJ; Cook, HT; Pusey, CD, et al
11-Dec-2017Clusters not classifications: making sense of complement-mediated kidney injuryCook, HT; Pickering, MC