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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2015CCR2 mediates dendritic cell recruitment to the human colon but is not responsible for differences observed in dendritic cell subsets, phenotype and function between the proximal and distal colonBernardo, D; Mann, ER; Montalvillo, E; Bassity, E; Bayiroglu, F, et al
16-Feb-2011Scanning ion conductance microscopy: a convergent high-resolution technology for multi-parametric analysis of living cardiovascular cellsMiragoli, M; Moshkov, A; Novak, P; Shevchuk, A; Nikolaev, VO, et al
1-Jul-2009Coordinated changes in energy intake and expenditure following hypothalamic administration of neuropeptides involved in energy balanceSemjonous, NM; Smith, KL; Parkinson, JRC; Gunner, DJL; Liu, Y-L, et al
20-Jul-2015The L-cell in nutritional sensing and the regulation of appetiteSpreckley, E; Murphy, KG; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Cou; NC3Rs (National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research)
23-Nov-2009Prokineticin 2 Is a Hypothalamic Neuropeptide That Potently Inhibits Food IntakeGardiner, JV; Bataveljic, A; Patel, NA; Bewick, GA; Roy, D, et al
16-Jan-2009Mice With Hyperghrelinemia Are Hyperphagic and Glucose Intolerant and Have Reduced Leptin SensitivityBewick, GA; Kent, A; Campbell, D; Patterson, M; Ghatei, MA, et al
17-May-2016INSIGHTS INTO THE ROLE OF NEURONAL GLUCOKINASEGardiner, JV; Bloom, SR; Hussain, S; De Backer, I; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Cou, et al
10-Mar-2016Body composition of the host influences dendritic cell phenotype in patients treated for colorectal cancerMalietzis, G; Lee, GH; Al-Hassi, HO; Bernardo, D; Blakemore, AI, et al
21-Mar-2016Tight junctions in inflammatory bowel diseases and inflammatory bowel disease associated colorectal cancerLandy, J; Ronde, E; English, N; Clark, SK; Hart, AL, et al
1-May-2014ER stress regulates myeloid-derived suppressor cell fate through TRAIL-R–mediated apoptosisCondamine, T; Kumar, V; Ramachandran, IR; Youn, J-I; Celis, E, et al