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9-Jan-2017SseK1 and SseK3 T3SS effectors inhibit NF-kB signalling and necroptotic cell death in Salmonella-infected macrophagesGunster, R; Matthews, SA; Holden, DW; Thurston, T
21-Apr-2016Mephedrone use is increasing in LondonHockenhull, JC; Murphy, K; Paterson, S
23-Oct-2014Opportunistic infections and AIDS malignancies early after initiating combination antiretroviral therapy in high-income countriesThe HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration
1-Dec-2013Transcriptional downregulation of agr expression in Staphylococcus aureus during growth in human serum can be overcome by constitutively active mutant forms of the sensor kinase AgrCJames, EH; Edwards, AM; Wigneshweraraj, S
15-Aug-2012Th17 responses in chronic allergic airway inflammation abrogate regulatory T-cell-mediated tolerance and contribute to airway remodelingZhao, J; Lloyd, CM; Noble, A
31-Oct-2016The economic effects of supporting tuberculosis-affected households in PeruWingfield, T; Tovar, MA; Huff, D; Boccia, D; Montoya, R, et al
1-Aug-2016Neonatal infections: case definition and guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunisation safety data.Vergnano, S; Buttery, J; Cailes, B; Chandrasekaran, R; Chiappini, E, et al
1-Jan-2016Are female children more vulnerable to the long-term effects of maternal depression during pregnancy?Quarini, C; Pearson, RM; Stein, A; Ramchandani, PG; Lewis, G, et al
27-Jul-2014Large-scale meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies six new risk loci for Parkinson's diseaseNalls, MA; Pankratz, N; Lill, CM; Do, CB; Hernandez, DG, et al
26-Jul-2011GeneXpert-A Game-Changer for Tuberculosis Control?Evans, CA