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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2004Annexin 11 is required for midbody formation and completion of the terminal phase of cytokinesis.Tomas, A; Futter, C; Moss, SE
1-Nov-2008Small interfering RNA-mediated suppression of proislet amyloid polypeptide expression inhibits islet amyloid formation and enhances survival of human islets in culture.Marzban, L; Tomas, A; Becker, TC; Rosenberg, L; Oberholzer, J, et al
5-Feb-2008Increased capsaicin receptor TRPV1-expressing sensory fibres in irritable bowel syndrome and their correlation with abdominal painAkbar, A; Yiangou, Y; Facer, P; Walters, JRF; Anand, P, et al
6-Mar-2009Genetic Determinants of Height Growth Assessed Longitudinally from Infancy to Adulthood in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966Sovio, U; Bennett, AJ; Millwood, IY; Molitor, J; O'Reilly, PF, et al
23-Oct-2009Meta-Analysis of the INSIG2 Association with Obesity Including 74,345 Individuals: Does Heterogeneity of Estimates Relate to Study Design?Heid, IM; Huth, C; Loos, RJF; Kronenberg, F; Adamkova, V, et al
1-Dec-2008Fraction of all hospital admissions and deaths attributable to malnutrition among children in rural KenyaBejon, JA; Mohammed, S; Mwangi, I; Atkinson, SH; Osier, F, et al
1-Apr-2007Abnormal brain connectivity in first-episode psychosis: A diffusion MRI tractography study of the corpus callosumPrice, G; Cercignani, M; Parker, GJM; Altmann, DR; Barnes, TRE, et al
12-Jun-2007Reconstruction of cell population dynamics using CFSEYates, A; Chan, C; Strid, J; Moon, S; Callard, R, et al
18-Apr-2007Epicutaneous Immunization with Type II Collagen Inhibits both Onset and Progression of Chronic Collagen-Induced ArthritisStrid, J; Tan, LA; Strobel, S; Londei, M; Callard, R
20-Mar-2009A Genome-Wide Association Study in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Identification of Two Major Susceptibility LociPillai, SG; Ge, D; Zhu, G; Kong, X; Shianna, KV, et al