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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2008The 'glutamate switch' provides a link between ATPase activity and ligand binding in AAA plus proteinsZhang, X; Wigley, DB; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
10-Nov-2005Retroperitoneal myolipoma.Behranwala, KA; Chettiar, K; El-Bahrawy, M; Stamp, G; Kakkar, AK
7-Aug-2000A hierarchical role for classical pathway complement proteins in the clearance of apoptotic cells in vivoTaylor, PR; Carugati, A; Fadok, VA; Cook, HT; Andrews, M, et al
19-Sep-2006Zidovudine plus lamivudine in human T-lymphotropic virus type-I-associated myelopathy: a randomised trialTaylor, GP; Goon, P; Furukawa, Y; Green, H; Barfield, A, et al
26-Dec-2008High treatment success rates when switching to once daily nevirapine containing antiretroviral therapy.Benzie, A; Marett, B; Mackie, NE; Winston, A
1-May-2008Age-related alteration of arginase activity impacts on severity of LeishmaniasisMuller, I; Hailu, A; Choi, B-S; Abebe, T; Fuentes, JM, et al
1-Apr-2009Evaluation of T cell responses in healing and nonhealing leishmaniasis reveals differences in T helper cell polarization ex vivo and in vitroChoi, B-S; Kropf, P
26-Apr-2005Impact of HIV-1 subtype and antiretroviral therapy on protease and reverse transcriptase genotype: Results of a global collaborationKantor, R; Katzenstein, DA; Efron, B; Carvalho, AP; Wynhoven, B, et al
25-Jul-2007Tracking virus-specific CD4+T Cells during and after acute hepatitis C virus infectionLucas, M; Ulsenheimer, A; Pfafferot, K; Heeg, MHJ; Gaudieri, S, et al
1-Jun-2009Paracetamol and ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children: the PITCH randomised controlled trialHay, AD; Redmond, NM; Costelloe, C; Montgomery, AA; Fletcher, M, et al