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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2008Bayesian survival analysis in genetic association studiesTachmazidou, I; Andrew, T; Verzilli, CJ; Johnson, MR; De Iorio, M
27-Jan-2006Epigenetic regulation: DNA confers identity but is not enough to maintain itPoot, RA; Festenstein, R
1-Jan-2008Gene3D: comprehensive structural and functional annotation of genomes.Yeats, C; Lees, J; Reid, A; Kellam, P; Martin, N, et al
4-Aug-2000Host-pathogen studies in the post-genomic era.Kellam, P
11-Aug-2009Infectious causes of cancer and their detection.Dalton-Griffin, L; Kellam, P
2-Jun-2008Perirenal schwannoma: a case report.El-Bahrawy, M; Khoubehi, B; Hrouda, D
28-Apr-2003Shear stress-induced endothelial cell polarization is mediated by Rho and Rac but not Cdc42 or PI 3-kinasesWojciak-Stothard, B; Ridley, AJ