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31-Oct-2008Effects of recombinant human growth hormone on HIV-1-specific T-cell responses, thymic output and proviral DNA in patients on HAART: 48-week follow-upHerasimtschuk, AA; Westrop, SJ; Moyle, GJ; Downey, JS; Imami, N
1-Mar-2007Active smoking among asthmatic youth--how concerned we need to be.Semic-Jusufagic, A; Custovic, A
1-Aug-2009Localized spatial clustering of HIV infections in a widely disseminated rural South African epidemicTanser, F; Barnighausen, T; Cooke, GS; Newell, M-L
15-Jul-2008Mapping of a novel susceptibility locus suggests a role for MC3R and CTSZ in human tuberculosisCooke, GS; Campbell, SJ; Bennett, S; Lienhardt, C; McAdam, KPWJ, et al
21-Jan-2008An HIV-1 clade C DNA prime, NYVAC boost vaccine regimen induces reliable, polyfunctional, and long-lasting T cell responsesHarari, A; Bart, P-A; Stoehr, W; Tapia, G; Garcia, M, et al
1-Feb-2008A lack of thyroid hormones rather than excess thyrotropin causes abnormal skeletal development in hypothyroidismBassett, JHD; Williams, AJ; Murphy, E; Boyde, A; Howell, PGT, et al
1-Apr-2008The role of T cells in the enhancement of respiratory syncytial virus infection severity during adult reinfection of neonatally sensitized miceTregoning, JS; Yamaguchi, Y; Harker, J; Wang, B; Openshaw, PJM
1-Sep-2005Toward the clinical application of time-domain fluorescence lifetime imagingMunro, I; McGinty, J; Galletly, N; Requejo-Isidro, J; Lanigan, PMP, et al
9-Dec-2008Is IP-10 a Better Biomarker for Active and Latent Tuberculosis in Children than IFN gamma?Whittaker, E; Gordon, A; Kampmann, B
1-Jan-2009Modulation of Rac1 Activity by ADMA/DDAH Regulates Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier FunctionWojciak-Stothard, B; Torondel, B; Zhao, L; Renne, T; Leiper, JM