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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2007Control of Axonal Growth and Regeneration of Sensory Neurons by the p110δ PI 3-KinaseEickholt, BJ; Ahmed, AI; Davies, M; Papakonstanti, EA; Pearce, W, et al
1-Mar-2007Active smoking among asthmatic youth--how concerned we need to be.Semic-Jusufagic, A; Custovic, A
30-May-2009Epidemiology of antituberculosis drug resistance 2002-07: an updated analysis of the Global Project on Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance SurveillanceWright, AW; Zignol, M; Van Deun, A; Falzon, D; Gerdes, SR, et al
29-Feb-2008Acute upregulation of an NKG2D ligand promotes rapid reorganization of a local immune compartment with pleiotropic effects on carcinogenesis.Strid, J; Roberts, SJ; Filler, RB; Lewis, JM; Kwong, BY, et al
21-Dec-2009Langerhans cell (LC) proliferation mediates neonatal development, homeostasis, and inflammation-associated expansion of the epidermal LC network.Chorro, L; Sarde, A; Li, M; Woollard, KJ; Chambon, P, et al
8-May-2009Erythrocyte hemolysis and hemoglobin oxidation promote ferric chloride-induced vascular injury.Woollard, KJ; Sturgeon, S; Chin-Dusting, JP; Salem, HH; Jackson, SP
1-Mar-2007Worldwide emergence of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosisShah, NS; Shah, NS; Shah, NS; Wright, A; Bai, GH, et al
1-Feb-2007Rates of latent tuberculosis in health care staff in RussiaDrobniewski, F; Balabanova, Y; Balabanova, Y; Zakamova, E; Nikolayevskyy, V, et al
1-Jul-2008Determinants of cluster size in large, population-based molecular epidemiology study of tuberculosis, northern Malawi.Glynn, JR; Crampin, AC; Traore, H; Chaguluka, S; Mwafulirwa, DT, et al
1-May-2006Tuberculosis transmission attributable to close contacts and HIV status, MalawiCrampin, AC; Glynn, JR; Traoré, H; Yates, MD; Mwaungulu, L, et al